Anyone up for a game of knee slapper? (24 photos)

  • jubly

    HELL YEAh!!

  • jason_in_pc

    #13 lol,

  • JROC

    #14 miss yea Dick Farm Dunn

    • Dutch

      Watch out for that tree!

    • Joachim

      R.I.P. Dunn :/

    • bubblerider86

      i've been watching marathon's of Jackass, Viva La Bam, and the JA movies….. sadness 😦

    • Dunn

      When You're Dunn your Done!

  • jeston23

    #20 Oh Win.

    • dub

      I want to make a giant card like this and walk around town.

  • billshakes626

    #1 I think that's my neighbor. He's always down for a good time.

    • SkyVader

      Take that man a 6 pack for enjoying time with his kids!

  • chrisdg74

    #5 – Well played Kelly. Well played.

    • rextar

      i don't get it

      • chrisdg74

        Watch the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Total Recall".

        • bigdeal

          dont you ever explain a reference. there in lies the beauty! THE BEAUTY!!!

      • bettingonthecubs
      • Hammer_Pants

        Perhaps you should "get your ass to Mars."

    • hip hop anonymous

      Start the reactor, Quaid!

    • schango

      • Tim

        That scene misses the reference.

        "QUUUUAAAAAAID, Open your mind…."

        • thrillho

          Still to this day one of my favorite flicks.

          "Open your miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnd, open your miiiiiiiiiiiiind".

        • schango

          Your face misses the reference.

        • bigdeal

          i got 9 kids to feed

    • commodoresixtyfour

      get da people da aayyahh!!

  • Wut

    #23 Never understood how anyone older than 14 could write a book with that kind of wording and not think, "Heh. Heh. Dirty…"

    • ollie

      pedobear wrote it

      • KIUed

        shut up. this isn't 4chan.

    • Paul

      Its not just the writer…. What of the editor in charge? Sure makes you wonder if its on purpose…

  • bettingonthecubs

    #7 Joy Joy?

    • bigdeal

      happy…… joy……

  • tylrd67

    DOUCHE! I mean first!!!!

    • Tek257

      Nope you had it right the first time. Douchebag

  • Shawn

    #23, if only this seemed dirty as a kid, I never knew…just never knew

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #16 is a crazy place… I've been there

    • Da_Boz

      You're there now.

    • cheez it

      its a car store

      • Ed-word

        A car dealership in Boise, Idaho. (my home town)
        Unless there is another one around somewhere.

  • Catence

    #4 – i see what you did there. haha

    • BentWrenches

      I LOLed

      • asb

        really? sorry but im over these kind of posts. scrolling down forever to be let down. or the ones where you take one persons face and put it on all the faces. enough already. they are not great posts.

        • McBeastie

          Maybe you missed this joke. It's a urinal. That's Bear Grylls. He likes piss. This was funny.

          • dorkus

            you're crazy that's funny as sh**

            • McBeastie

              Reply to the right person. I am in agreement.

  • Verbal_Kint

    love the men.

    • truthserum

      shut up fake Verbal_Kint

  • A-Cha-Ja!

    I will never been tired of #10 find the girl in the very left !!!

    • SasKc

      you'll probably have to go to dunedin, new zealand to find her mate, i bet it'd be worth it too

      • HeyJewed

        Yeah, she definitely looks like the sluttiest of the group.

    • Matt

      I'm in Dunedin, will keep an eye out for ya

      • Marc Ellis

        Stoked to see so many people from Dunedin chiving on!

  • Kaars

    #22 oh God, I just made eye contact…

    • the elusive

      I kept waiting for them to move…

    • ROK247

      i don't have A gun, let alone MANY guns, which would necessitate a rack

      • zdrake13

        psycho hose beast

  • jasgat

    #4 Well done Chive..

  • Verbal_Kint

    how many of these are reposts? talk about some old shit.

  • Guy


  • dan

    So many repostd….but so much time!

  • Premium Chivette

    I love submitting my skank pics here but dont call me a whore or a slut coz i have a bf which makes it scientifically impossible for me to be a whore. Oh and i can ask my sugar daddy to block ur ip so stfu and just worship like all the other losers !

    • Guy

      You have no fucking clue as far as what you're talking about.

    • racerx2112

      there is a large amount of "huh?" in that…just sayin…

    • Bookface


    • b cup chivette

      Just imagine if she wasn't "Premium". It could have gotten really ugly!!

    • fail

      It's always so easy to spot the broken hearted.

    • chronic


      • 4everDistracted


    • HeyJewed

      Sorry to all the other guys that hate on Premium Chivette's comment when she (well, let's be honest, probably he) is just telling it like it is. If anyone says something negative about a chivette they are shat upon by everyone else on the site just for giving their opinion. The truly sad thing on this site is the guys making ridiculous comments because they could never get off of their computer long enough to meet a girl in the real world and they seem to believe that complimenting a picture of a chivette will somehow make her jump out of their computer screen and fuck their brains out; therefor, i like this comment.

      • TheRealTruth

        So when you are just a strolling down the street and you see a girl that you dont approve of you:

        Cross the street get in her face and yell "Skank, Whore, Slut, etc…"?

        No you fucking jackass you don't.

        Its called common fucking courtesy. You and the other trolls are exactly what the fuck is wrong with this country. you think free speech gives you a right to be a cocksucker. It doesn't.

        Grow up and be a fucking man.

        • HeyJewed

          Says theman via the internet…. hahahahahahaha

          • bigdeal


        • Monk

          That was the real truth, great post.

          • HeyJewed

            I agree. Guys like him and you are the only ones allowed to say bad things about people (like him hating on me). I should know my place in society which is below people like him who clearly know better than everyone else. However, you both have a right to your opinion and i'm sure you are both decent people outside of the internets.

            • truthserum


        • hMMMM

          is the girl walking around in her skimpy underwear taking pictures of herself? If so, I probably would call her some names.

      • KIUed

        Excellent. Well said, and 100% agree.

        • KIUed

          that my mom is a whore

          • truthserum

            bad mom joke shithead and waaaaaaaay too late.

            • Your Dad

              I think that was the exact phrase your mom said to me back in the 80's when we conceived you.

      • truthserum

        HeyJewed! I was going back and forth with you on another post but props for this one!

        And TheRealTruth – why are you SO angry? What happened to you? It's not your fault… shhh…'s NOT your fault…..:)

        • truth

          yet you can't help but comment and follow the fuck out of every chive post HUH?

        • Guesty

          weren't you supposed to be fapping to goatsex…I mean having sex with your "girl" ???

          Did your mom cancel on you AGAIN!?

          • HeyJewed

            Are you a professional writer? Your creativity is above my head. I wish I were smarter so I could be more like you. References to goat sex and moms takes most people years to come up with. Someday you may even work your way up to a "That's what she said" level of genius that most of us could only dream of.

        • HeyJewed

          Thank you. Never any hard feelings from me. I can keep a cool head haha. I hope TheRealTruth can find someone to talk to and work out his issues so he can lead a happy life.

        • bigdeal

          dont do this to me man!

    • truthserum

      LOL – awesome post!

      • Jen

        OMG your internet argument is taking up fucking space on a possibly awesome comment thread. STFU

  • Steven D Murray

    #5 I don't get it

    • Matt

      See chrisdg74's post above

    • Kuato

      Open your miiiiiiind

    • xDV8x

      Total Recall

    • CINCY O

      I thought he looked more like "Dear Leader" Kim Il Jong

  • fact

    #10 Whore on !

    • truthserum

      The one on the left has a great set of tits though.

  • loopie

    #7 and where is the Joy Joy?

  • Brad

    #1, #4, #10 Ok Chive, we have seen these pics enough, you can retire them now…

  • prollynotfist


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