Anyone up for a game of knee slapper? (24 photos)

  • fact

    Chive Fanboy – A highly annoying individual who is utterly devoted to thechive and the chivettes/whores often to the point where it can be considered an obsession. They remain loyal to their particular obsession, disregarding any factors (often including logic) that differ from their point of view. They disregard true opinions and truthful facts by calling the other person a troll due to lack of intelligence.

    • fact

      Doesn't it make sense to you- I mean haven't you been reading all my comments? I hate the Chive and all the bullshit chivers and for sure those whore Chivettes! (I mean seriously – I can not stand the idea of a empowered sexy female showing her pride in her sexuality! I want everyone in burkas! )

      I just hate them so much that I have to comment on every post and use my 3 computers to thumb my own comments all so I can hopefully make your day miserable. I live for this!!!! I cant stop. I have nothing else in my life – no friends, definitely no girlfriend, nothing at all – all I have is spewing my frustration of my loser life onto you.

      oh wait….

      • Guesty

        Hey Dickface – You copy and paste the same bullshit everywhere? This comment fits you to a T, another mindless chive-dick sucking fanboy…. but here is the response from earlier, internet toughguy! Now get bent faggot

        Yeah, first of all, I would never say "I mean seriously", you would, which makes you a fag. Second, I don't steal other people's names on here, I use the same one, so that makes you pathetic. So far, you are a pathetic faggot. Third, I only use this name, I don't have but 1 computer, it is just that people with any kind of intelligence agree with me, while fanboy pathetic faggots like yourself need a sfw site to beat off too, just in case your care-taker at the home your parents put you in when you were born because you were "different" checks your internet history. But please, keep up the good work. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

        • Guesty


          • Guesty

            wicked clever bro

            • Guesty

              thanks mom helped me, just like our 8th grade science project on recycled paper! God I love her – she is so sweet!

              Oh wanted to ask have you seen those naked pics of our cousin? I want to rub one out before we have to go bathe grandma.

              • Guesty

                I could tell by your comments that your wit is far superior. I am flattered by your stalking as well. And let's not forget the classic "mom/incest" jokes… Top notch bud. Here you are posting within 5 minutes of what I replied, wearing out that F5 key a little? You win, I am obviously outdone by yet another great, witty "Chiver". Not get back up on that white horse and ride into the sunset to save another helpless "Chivette".

                • Guesty


                  • Guesty

                    Nah, sad for you. That's about it. But way to revert to meme's to express your original commentary. Again, I am obviously outclassed here. I better google "funny meme's" so I can be half as witty as you

                    • Guesty

                      Can we be sad for each other? I feel like we have really bonded here…

                      Between your stupidity and my love for your mom — we can't be stopped!!!

                      you better stop paying attention to me and get back to trolling the Chive, Wait…wait…. you hate all things Chive… but you're still here…


                    • Guesty

                      Don't hate all things about the chive, so get off their dick. Like I stated earlier, they won't sleep with you. I just hate you chive fanboy faggots that think the people on here are some kind of "community", just because the users are your only interaction with people, they are not your friends. Maybe go outside, talk to a person that is actually standing in front of you, as opposed to typing on a computer. Also, way to shift from meme to mom in the blink of an eye. World class mind you got there.

                    • Guesty

                      awww comeon…..


                    • teehee

                      I just don't get why usomadtho….

                    • KIUed

                      christ, you fanboys are so damn lame…..

                    • KIUed

                      yet you can't help but comment and follow the fuck out of every chive post HUH?

                      who is the jackass now?

                    • truthserum

                      Real Guesty nailed it again! Real "Fact" had a great comment, and naturally some loser fanboy (apparently just the same 1 lonely pillowbiter who keeps using different names and may very well have aids!) started up and got caught right away. LOL!

                    • truthserum


    • bettingonthecubs

      Please see Paula for your trolling lessons…you're doing it wrong

      • Bookface

        Please… Paula doesn't know the first thing about trolling.

      • Guesty

        Paula = chive employee

        • Guesty

          Guesty = #1 Chive Fanboy

          I'm such a hardcore fan that even though I claim to despise all things Chive related I still must spend all my waking time – trolling every post and chivette pic on here trying to make believe I could have friends.

          please love me.

          • Guesty

            again, wicked clever.

      • Raunchy The 1st

        Paula's a troll that many(if not most) people seem to actually like and enjoy the company of. yeah, and THEY'RE the ones doing it wrong. LOL WUT?

    • Lawndart


    • fact or fiction

      Cool story bro.
      What, wait.
      Sad pathetic story bro !

  • Bookface

    Hahaha, you managed to compile an entire post out of stuff you've already posted before. Achievement unlocked.

    • Foosbah

      i know, it's pathetic.

    • equalizermax

      * Compiled from other sites…

  • Michael McCloskey

    That awkward moment when Hitler wants to get into your canoe #3

  • MonkeyMadness

    #11 is epic! I love that guy! Well played!

    • ChairmanMeowz

      aawwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaa

  • Hich


    Um… "Wally"?

    • Brand_n

      "Waldo" is probably under copyright.

    • Kevin Barstow

      I belive over seas his name is wally and not waldo

    • Kevin Barstow
  • Bob

    #7…Joy Joy.
    #12…And why would you care?? Your name is Waldo. Stupid.
    #14…That doesn't look like a Porche to me.

  • Chris Barks

    #22- awwww God i made eye contact.

  • Master_Rahl

    #6 The Definition of 'Rocket Sauce' – The D Rules!!

    • ROK247

      THE POWER…to move you.

  • thom

    For a tour, watch this video from Dave Chappelle:

  • misschris

    #13 He seems trustworthy

  • eatit

    #13. Seems legit. Carry on law enforcement's finest

  • Coldzilla

    #16 Wow Al Gore has the strangest house…….. o.0

  • Broseph Stalin

    um no

    • Jeff


  • Waylon

    #11 Made my day. Hilarious.

  • ChairmanMeowz

    #4 I would be scarred for life if I had to use that as a child.

  • DaddyD

    #7 #8 #9 I see what you did there.

  • beautyandbraids

    #10 #24

  • Hut

    what? #9

  • turtlesandbacon

    Hey #16 is a car dealership in boise Idaho. I drive past that place every day. The name never really made sense though…

  • Lost In Translation

    #17 Indeed it was.

  • Jon

    Well that was lame.

  • DubYA

    #9 BENNY LAVA!!!!

  • jimbo

    caption pictures like #1 for a chance to win cash on my site

  • Turd Ferguson

    #16 – That's a car dealership in Boise ID!!! The lady that owns it has HUGE fake boobs, like Briana Banks clown sized, and she loves to show them off in her commercials…

  • Fatboy

    #9 Now poop on it Oliver!!

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