Anyone up for a game of knee slapper? (24 photos)

  • truthserum

    I like that you put your kid in with you – thats a nice thing to see amongst a sea of weirdos. 😀


    #16: so THAT'S where it is !!!!!!!

  • Bifford

    #22 "A gun rack? I don't own A gun let alone multiple guns to requre a rack" Stacey, are you mental"?

  • 777

    Vary cool but I like the first photo the man whit Swimming pool enjoying water

  • Dapper_Dave

    #9 Doing it right

  • duffman0313

    #14 Not as hard as driving a Porsche…… Too Soon?

  • Jen

    #24 never gets old.

  • Noah Mitchell

    #19 is actually my Uncle Chuck! was a funny dude so my aunt and cousin thought this would do him proud

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