Breathtaking vineyards around the world (27 Photos)

Post and photos via twistedsifter

  • walkingtheriver

    #23 So… Colourful 🙂

  • assface

    I'm still stuck down the blouses on the previous post…

  • jroc

    i just jizzed in my pants

  • sreve

    breathtaking? yeah right…… not!

  • jakubwrobel

    Well, I'm adding another thing to do to my Bucket List – Tour these Vineyards.

  • Hand of Fate

    #11 Nice gap.

    #24 Sweet Hump.

    #27 FLBP!

    • Vega

      You Win.

  • Wut

    Although pretty, I double-checked and can confirm there were no breasts. And I like women because breasts.

    • Paul

      Again, when did the median chiver age become 13?

  • absolutcarcrazy

    I would have to pick #12

  • bambam

    Nice to see cali take up most of this post…Napa is actually one of the best hands down, been there few times myself…. lots of hot, rich chicks… keeps me going back there

    • sarcasm

      Agreed. I feel like the pictures here don't really do Napa justice though

  • Michelle

    #9 – Kelowna is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada… eh!

    • choogar

      This is actually the Quail's Gate Vineyard in West Kelowna. Great wine, actually.

    • kent

      Yeah, there's a bit of a crack problem though. Around the boardwalk and the park on the water.

      I'm an American and I've never seen anything that bad in the US. Just crack heads running around the moment the sun goes down.

      I remember very distinctly this woman with a raspy voice going around the park screaming "Dr. Orgasmo! Dr. Orgasmo where are you?".

    • BClovin

      My Hometown!!!! I miss it. So many wineries. Summerhill is awesome too.

  • dsdonut

    Is the last photo supposed to be a trivia question? If so, the answer is Solvang, CA.

    • Someguy

      look at the picture above the last one and read the text.

  • JDub

    Wow, some of these places are really beautiful. I would love to visit #1

    don't think #13 really earns it's spot on this list

  • mrselfdizstruct

    WTF grape plants??? I like wine and all but come on not single T or A or B in the list. Shouldn't this be on the berry???

  • Tomas

    The Santa Maria/Santa Ynez region (near Solvang & Santa Barbara, CA) have really come into their own. They can make some really good Riesling & Chardonnay (for whites) and Syrah & Pinot Noir (for reds). B)

  • TheBoris

    #27 Good Movie.

    • dub

      I thought this movie was a documentary or something. People actually saw the cover of this movie and decided to watch it?

      • ROK247

        i watched the entire thing, waiting for the joke or something cool to happen. the joke was on me. worst movie ever.

        • commodoresixtyfour

          really?! sideways is the worst movie ever? have you ever seen attack of the clones? rocky 5? battlefield earth? catwomen? fuckin sex and the city 2? you will miss everything cool in life and die alone.

          • ROK247

            i have seen all those movies and worse, and i stand by my review. i'm sorry if i upset you. just my opinion. i can definitely appreciate that a flaming 'mo would think it was a masterwork, and thats ok with me. just not my cup 'o tea.

            • SmashasarusRexGF

              Sideways was a very well written, well-acted, well….everything movie.

              You just didn't get it – because you're obviously a fucking idiot.

              • ROK247

                ouch, baby. words can hurt just like fists, you know 😦

    • equalizermax

      Never heard of that movie… probably because it's lame.

  • Luongo is a fag

    who gives two fucks about your goddamn vineyards?

    • Roscoe

      Imma guess not you….

      • HAHSO

        GOOD GUESS.

  • Jason Banta

    I live in Solvang. The are wineries all over the place now.

  • Mattxav

    Probably had to be there

  • First Time Caller

    #1 and #22 same damn vineyard. Sorry Germany but when I tumble through your neck of the woods this October it is the beer I want…beer, brats, and bewbs that is

    • ROK247

      not necessarily in that order



  • Simon

    soo.. Does anyone know where It lays?

    • HAHSO


  • MrRushing

    #12 #20 – Beautiful. Stay classy Chive.

  • Tomas

    These pics would've been better in HiRes. Make great wallpapers.

    • HAHSO


  • Shy Ronnie

    I find it strange that South Africa doesn't make the grade here. If this interested you, do yourself a favour and google 'Franschoek'.

  • kingsfan34

    The Berry wants its post back

    • poopuu

      Twisted Sifter too… Same day even!

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