Chivers Unite, theCHIVE’s Chicago Meetup (51 Photos)

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  • Coldzilla

    Had my eyes closed

    Didnt want to run the risk of seeing Paula and turning to salt

  • Philip J Fry

    #27…Hover hands FTW

  • Peter

    #39, #49

    i gotta admit, the chive can throw a party. thanks for the epic evening!

    • Mr. Obvious

      Looks real epic pal. The last one looked fun, this looks boring and ugly. So disappointed in the chive

      • Emory

        'this looks boring and ugly'

        well spoken, It was actually the most fun I've had all summer. glad you were not there

        • Mr. Obvious

          You notice I said "looks" and "looked" …

          I never actually leave my basement. My guild are the only friends I need. Besides, Mom said it was safer that way.

        • Mr. Obvious

          This is the most fun you've had? You need to get out more

          • Guesty

            agreed. love when fanboys think anything about the chive is the "greatest ever" "most fun" blah blah blah. It's the most fun because noone else would hang out with him. He needs to pay to go to a bar to hang out with strangers that care less than 2 shits about him. "most fun I've had"

            • Guesty

              Can we be friends Mr. Obvious?

              I know we can get along- we will talk about how we hate the chive so much and then we can get on the chive and peruse every post and comment on everything because , you know… we hate the chive. As a bonus if we become friends we both wont be forever alone anymore! Maybe we could even grow to love one another…

              I know it doesn't make sense but my mom makes the best pb&j and I can totally get you in my guild.

              just think about it bro.

              • Guesty

                mom jokes still?

                • Guesty

                  she is still a joke right?

    • dennis

      gotta love the comments from the peanut gallery who wasn't there. yeah, fuck the chive for throwing a party and trying to have a good time. buncha assholes, those guys. lighten up everybody. life's too short

      party was a blast btw. smiled the whole time. the resig family are nice people.

      • Raunchy The 1st

        "smiled the whole time"

        this kids, is why you should never shove cocaine up your ass.

  • sheoncebelieved

    #44 screech from saved by the bell = awesome!

  • misschris

    #7 The Berry sisters are adorable! ❤

    • The Chivery

      You must be blind.

  • okawesome

    You guys must come to Charleston, S.C. We know how to party!

  • cdub

    #7 Find Them!!

    • Mr. Obvious

      Find some glasses dude. Yuk!

    • Berry FTW

      They are WAY hotter than Erin, Dylan, Sarah and the other chivette in #50 combined. They look like normal, healthy, natural girls which is hotter than any fake tanned, anorexic, over-plucked chick.

  • moar

    #49 … that's what i was waiting for ….

  • Çreep

    #46 had me rollin, looked like a good time. chive on!

  • gnocco

    50 Roberta Murgo?

    • gnocco


  • Mr.Obvious

    Where are all the hot chicks?

    • Mr. Obvious

      They certainly were not at my 4chan meet up!

  • lender


    sorry to disappoint the haters, but there were a lot of girls there. oh, and the Berry sisters are hot as hell and very funny

    • rsemrau

      There were maybe 15 girls there.

    • Darkside

      Pics or it didnt happen.

  • jetrome

    #20 it's Austin Powers!

  • DMAC

    Did you not sell tickets to any ugly people? Or did you deny them at the door…

  • Yusef

    Erin seems slutty

    • forrester

      na, just funny and friendly. we all got drunk and partied. the Erin I met was a class act, super sweet and darling, and I don't think she was even wearing makeup. just a guess

      • forrester

        and where she walked furry wood-land creatures would follow(especially the indigenous species known as "fanboyous fapsters"). her words were like supple-buttercups, not unlike the audible jubilation of a springtime picnic. she garnered care and longing, and farted rainbows.

        • Patches


    • Yusef

      You guys are right I was just confusing Erin with my sister.

      I am pretty hot for her. Mom always said keep it in the family.

  • younsee

    Is wearing a chive t-shirt to the meetup equal to wearing the t-shirt of the band you're going to see in concert?

    • OIBR

      it's even worse because it got "the chive" plastered on it.

      • Terry Burke

        then why are you here?

        • Saviour

          Am here to kick ur fanboy whore worshiper ass ! Wacha gonna do about it ?

  • bling306

    #32 made it on the chive!!! Jersey Chivers represent!!

  • Zdarnel1

    Come to Miami!

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Looks like it was a sausage fest

    • jason

      nope, it wasn't

    • Mrs. Coverdale


      Go back to trolling facebook "Shannon"

    • Jim

      lol you're like 65 why do you care? go take care of your grandkids weirdo

  • dalexmu

    great pics! looks like a fun night

  • hjghgjyh

    disappointed. i thought chive whores would be hotter. all i see are douche bags getting drunk.

    • Mr. Obvious

      Chive "street cred" definitively took a dive for me. A room full of goofy ugly people. Shame

      • orly

        and there is mr. obvious spamming the comments. hi again

        • hjghgjyh

          hi, feel free to check my ip. sorry to disappoint but i'm not mr. obvious, obviously.

      • McBeastie

        Yeah, but they were all wearing their crazy wacky quote t-shirts! So….there's that.

  • dario

    so hows the deal, ppl who like to chive made a party or chive crew made a call to a party to all ppl related to the site?.

  • PeterGun

    #1 Best Chive induced photobomb evah!

  • Emory

    you know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you go to the chive, having the chivers there was a lot like that, enhanced.
    haters gonna hate these days but it's hard to hate on a group of such nice people. I applaud y'all. thanks for the drinks and all the fish

    • Guesty

      find a significant other

      • Guesty

        Actually Emory – that was an offer.

        I want to be yours. it doesn't matter what or who you are I am just so tired of being alone.

        this is my cry for help.

  • Soofus

    Shame on you Mack The Intern! You broke character.
    And just when I was about to sing your praises and propose a "catch Mack actually smiling" contest.

    • bling306

      he had that straight stare face on for the whole time at Benchmark, it was hilarious…that 2nd pic looks like its from the afterparty

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