Chivers Unite, theCHIVE’s Chicago Meetup (51 Photos)

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  • Dan

    Mac has a great psychotic murderer expression.

    • Jessica Condrey

      its awesome!

  • Rick

    Where are all of the Puerto Ricans??? and native americans??? it's chicago right? Latin Kings?

  • JC

    This thread is proof that Erin is amazingly sexy!

  • Richard

    Dublin meetup???

  • adamcoasttocoast

    Should have brought the party to Lollapalooza

  • Ouch

    # 27 hover hand – seriously?

  • asb

    #14 is super pretty. overall sausage fest though. but good job guys. it will only get better. especialy since your coming to a real city next!

  • Ya momma.

    Must have been "douchey ironic t-shirt" weekend…
    S.N… FIND THE REDHEAD IN #14 and #21!!

  • Affe

    All you white folk are part neanderthal

  • bling306

    All i know is that when i went up and told John how awesome the Chive is, he told me that he swore we had met b4, and then told me that we had buttsex in a dream of his…creepy? yea…but the dude is funny as hell haha

  • tanguero

    Who cares…. man get over yourselves.

  • J..

    #38 At least not everyone is wearing tacky "catch-phrase" t-shirts.

  • Anonymous

    Sausage fest!! WTF!

  • Luongo is a fag

    Looks like hot girls were few and far between eh

  • Beer

    #45 (part 2)

    The subtle eye cross is one of my favorite picture gags. It should get its own post.

  • oX_Animal_Xo

    So sorry I missed out on this! I wish it wasn't a weeknight when I had to work the next day. Maybe next time.

    Oh, and your sisters are so attractive! #47

  • Black Dynamite!!!

    Oh my god, i'd love to shoot a hot load of creamy manjuice all over those chicks on number 47.

  • Stillinfrontofthetv

    make #14 a chivette of the week! Pretty please =)

  • Lou

    When you come to NY you will see the difference. There is no place like it and all the people rule. I can’t wait.

  • bisketz

    #49 FTW

  • David Terry

    How am I the first person to quote this picture?


    • truthserum

      PLease tell me you were there with all of your clones David Terry. Please!

  • that guy

    looks like a great time…those chunkin out insults can go walk off a tall, steep cliff with thorns at the bottom. You guys gotta come to Texas

  • footy booty

    check out more hot girls at:

  • Jim

    Look at all the haters. Who fucking cares what the girl to guy ratio is? Way to make it seem like you never get any action. hence it's so important to you. No one can have fun without staring at women you won't even approach all night anymore. Lame as hell

    • truthserum

      I don't understand this comment, and I won't assume you do either.

      • truthserum

        To be honest Jim,

        I don't really understand shit. that's why i constantly have to scream for attention on web message boards – in real life people never even notice I am alive.

        I'm still Chivin even though I am hatin and forever alone!

  • sparefoot

    Love the website. Looks like everyone had a great time, yall did Chicago big!

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