Chivers Unite, theCHIVE’s Chicago Meetup (51 Photos)

The whole Chive crew rolled into Chicago over the weekend for our Homecoming Meetup. The entire weekend was about the most fun we've ever had with clothes on.

We'd like to thank Benchmark for hosting the packed event as well as all the Chivers who came to the event, especially those who traveled from all over the country (and around the globe) to attend. Thanks to our Chivettes Erin Willett, Dylan, and Sarah Hill for bringing the fun and the sexy.

Finally, thanks to all the Chi-Town Chivers for your input, support, and enthusiasm for theCHIVE, we are all still smiling. The point of these meetups is to give Chivers a chance to meet one another and have a laugh. The Chivers' kindness is matched only by your capacity to drink alcohol. Next stop, New York City.

Chive On!

John n' Leo

  • BobSugar

    #1 #47 #48 Sorry to break the Bro-Code, but I want to date your sister.

  • J.J.

    What about the LOS ANGELES MEETUP!?????

    Make it happen, Chive!

  • GOD

    Looks like a cockfest.

  • Jessie

    #30 Please shave/pluck/wax that unibrow..just sayin..

  • Mister H.

    #14 and #21 REDS!! moaaaaaaaaaaarrrr

  • burndawg

    what the hell is with that crrrreeeepppy dude in #5 #35 and #45 he's realy creeeeepy

    • Jessica Condrey

      That dude has mastered that lookB)

  • Sean Cyphers

    #50 Yes, YES, YE…..God Dammit!!!!

  • Judd


    you should have a lot mode hot Asian women albums. Everyone has at least a little bit of Asian fever in them!

    • Mac the Intern

      Challenge accepted.

  • Dave

    Looks like a sausage factory…

  • Ripple

    #6 epic shirt is epic

    • Ross

      Thank You

  • Bluebury

    #15 #41

  • Bastard

    What a dorky looking group … thechive is a cool site, but plz – dont post pictures of dweebs & douchebags like this again. #16 , 18 & 41 are good examples of twits & fckfaces.

    Hire some models or stand-ins etc instead.

  • gifted_beatnik

    #45 he has it all.

    im going to the next one- regardless of living in england.

  • JB JB

    I wish i could of been there!!!! I had to head to Lollapallooza for the weekend… I still saw a guy wearing a chive shirt thou!!!!!

  • Chicago_Animal

    This another Douche Post?

  • OzChiver

    So many hot Chivettes.

  • NiceEyes

    You guys are awesome – tell your sister to come visit me in Franklin, TN

  • Menhir

    #4 #49
    Am I the only who is begging for a lot MOAR of the beautiful brunette in the Keep Calm and Chive On T-shirt?

  • CDN

    Hmmm, packed event? Looks like an average night at any local bar. If it was so packed, why could I still attempt to order the maximum 12 tickets to the event just prior to it?

  • Itachi

    #1 Dude about to get licked looks almost exactly like me from that angle O.O

    First time poster, hello All. I come in peace. Unless there's cookies, then I'm taking them all.

  • hopeless

    Looks like you guys had fun. I probably wouldn't have fit it because I don't have a cool t-shirt with a cool saying on it. Well I guess I have one. But it's got bad words on it. Backwards.

  • When u guys hittin New York? we finish our 6 week tour of America there, couldn't imagine a better way to round it off!

    Scotland, currently san fran…

  • MollyMB

    Looks like fun! Favorite pic is #44. Chive on!

  • jeau

    this is like the "everyone out-photobomb everyone" party of the year

  • Logan

    Lot of douches and whores. And I gotta say John is fucking ugly.

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