Chivers Unite, theCHIVE’s Chicago Meetup (51 Photos)

The whole Chive crew rolled into Chicago over the weekend for our Homecoming Meetup. The entire weekend was about the most fun we've ever had with clothes on.

We'd like to thank Benchmark for hosting the packed event as well as all the Chivers who came to the event, especially those who traveled from all over the country (and around the globe) to attend. Thanks to our Chivettes Erin Willett, Dylan, and Sarah Hill for bringing the fun and the sexy.

Finally, thanks to all the Chi-Town Chivers for your input, support, and enthusiasm for theCHIVE, we are all still smiling. The point of these meetups is to give Chivers a chance to meet one another and have a laugh. The Chivers' kindness is matched only by your capacity to drink alcohol. Next stop, New York City.

Chive On!

John n' Leo

  • Jack Joseph Logan

    If I wasn`t spending my time working in the bush of the Yukon in Northern Canada I would`ve been all over this like spaghetti on meatball. Looks like it was a fantastic party!

  • I See Them

    #3 Kudos to John for ducking just the right amount!

  • Just Look

    #33 Some will disagree, but in addition to having a jaw dropping body, Dylan is gorgeous.

  • Noice

    #13 Find the petite hottie in the green shirt, and the hottie with the red hair #14 and post MOAR of both! Both are gorgeous and look fun.

  • Codak Moment

    #43 #49 #50 Cripes on a bike. Double check that camera for MOAR!!

  • bkfrijoles

    #36 we neeeeeeed MOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR of them

  • jack

    #7 & #47

    We need a Hump Day or a Burn your Bra day with just those two 😉

    Never gonna happen though 😦

  • Jessica Condrey

    #5 The look on Mac's face in all of these pics is the funniest shit xD
    He should Patent it, call it the Mac Stare Down

  • ian

    The girl in #14 is Primo.

  • SanDiego

    ……………..Awful lot of honkeys around 'ere

  • SanDiego

    i thought i was the only one who thought that!

  • Michael E. Wheat

    anyone else notice mac creepin hardcore in a few of these?

  • Logan

    Ewwww Look at number 23. Who let the fat bitch in?

  • WirelessCable

    I missed out… again! Arrrgh! Why oh why did I have to be in a completely boring lecture on the 4th!

    You guys are just awesome! One day you all will be able to meet the awesomeness I have to bring!
    Be careful I come armed and dangerous with cameras 😉

  • Jeb Bisset

    see, Mac the intern! awesome job

  • CNG

    #14 – Will finger.

  • Emilio Rodriguez

    This meeting was to far away 😦 ….couldnt go… I would tell you to make one in mexico, but I dont know XD … would be cool

  • August K Ahuna Jr.

    this is photobomb gold…all of it

  • Dennis

    Is it sort of a t-shirts parade?

  • tigerballz

    mac the intern is pretty much the best photo bombing creeper in the history of forever

  • chris

    i want to go to there.

  • pfffbbbt

    whores gona whore

  • PhotoshopIsForLiars

    #49 Photoshop IS for liars…

  • idunno

    #45 I had it all.

  • robber

    #5….gotta love the creeper in the back left

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