Hot Right Now: Random memes that made us spit out our morning coffee this week (60 photos)

My Grandpappy Winston used to tell me the key to life… “beer and redheads, my boy” (41 Photos)

  • cartman

    Damn. Gingers.

    • Kyle

      Shut your fat mouth, Cartman!

      • Pwndu232

        Oh. A Simpsons joke. How original

        • luke

          south park joke…

          • Trevyn

            don't feed the trolls…

            • Under the Bridge

              Trolling is a art

    • Ginger

      Majority of these Gingers are not true Gingers!

  • HeyJewed

    I am pretty sure #36 and her father aren't on speaking terms anymore.

    • panama99

      who is her father?

      • HeyJewed

        Please see the comment from Ha.Ha. for the answer for your question.

    • Ha.Ha.

      lol – she does seem like a raging slut

      • Larry

        It's ok though. They are all god children and they all need lovin'.

  • DanFromDetroit

    I'll take #33 & #39 but #34 -> Ed Hardy is douche-wear no matter what

    • hMMMM

      #34 looks kinda like a ginger Kirsten Dunst. She's nasty.

      • Spivias

        really not really o.o

  • MigraineBoy

    #7 FUCK YEAH! Make that into a poster and sell it in The Chivery… OR sell it as a T-shirt. I'll buy 50.

    #11 is a television personality in my country. She's smart and funny, too.

    • GreyGhost9

      I would like to be her bike seat

    • Fasteddy14

      So who is #11?

      • MigraineBoy

        Clara Cleymans. Google her. Nothing NSFW unfortunately…

        • Bacchus

          I thought she deserved a place in this post, so I sent in this pic. Chive on from BE!

  • willimo27


    • Not Again

      Mind the Gap!

      • max-pow


    • Ori

      Find Her

    • finder

      Heather Vandeven when she is a redhead
      NSFW but worth the google

      • asb

        i dont think that is heather. kind of not really close. but yeh that heather chick is great

        • disturbed

          That is def Heather. She's a redhead/blond/brunette depending on the shoot. Amazing figure.

      • Anon

        who is she when she isnt a redhead? 😛

      • ilovethechive

        WOW!! If that isnt her its still worth the googling!! Amazing body! #15 & Heather Vandeven FTMFW!

    • xxxx

      she's the winner in my book
      … and my pants

    • Fuzzy_wuzzy_buzzing

      its Heather Vandeven for sure , .here is a picture with the same bikini on :

  • ontherun1989

    #2 and #18: Absolutely stunning.

    • oX_Animal_Xo

      Something about #2… That smile is just…wow…

    • laelow

      Oh Cinthia, you are amazing.

      • Cocrates

        minus the "h"

        • hugepens

          Agreed! Cintia Dicker is quite beautiful, I LOVE THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!1

    • jerald

      Imt totally condiednt #2 is Israelian Sports Illustrated swimsuit model CIntia Decker

  • Kalib Evink

    must say im not a fan of red heads.. but i get excited every time i see the chive post up the redheads 😀

  • hater

    #7. Looks like a fun ride..

    • MonkeyMadness

      Trust me, she is. 😉

    • miles.v

      picture of "Anna" or "joy ride" by Irina Davis. ( ) who is a rather nice sight too if the picture on her CV is hers.

  • Hellequin_Bull

    #6, Deborah Ann Woll stops my heart!
    But I'd love on all of them if I could!

    • asb

      if she would only leave Hoyt

      • Melissa

        What leave Hoyt for Jason?

        • disturbed

          Assuming they didn't actually kill her off in the last episode.

          • Your mom

            They didn't.

    • Catence

      My favorite redhead. Absolutely stunning.

  • mooseknuckle907

    #18 #19 #38 #41

    Seriously beautiful

    • Paula's mom

      #38 Thats a lovely pearl necklace, would you like another?

    • hMMMM

      I was waiting on #41 to move…

    • Catch

      #19 is Erica Henrickson, and she does hot cosplay. nuff said.

  • gabbo2000

    sweet jesus that's good redhead. we got some hump/gap redhead #16, and a plethora of FLBP redheads. I love thursdays

    • Alister

      i vote find her. thats a spectacular arse

    • Ye!

      We MUST find herrr !

  • boo

    #12 is nikole olson

    • Jesse

      Im recently discovering that I'm a little bit of an eye guy. Nikole Olson is doing it for me….

  • Patrick

    #15, #16, and #19 totally win this post

    • R2G Fan

      Perfect front…perfect back…beautiful eyes.

    • myk

      totally agree !! totally sweet

  • Bill57

    #13 #32 look incredable #25 looks demonic holy shit still wicked hot

  • Gevth

    #15 I just can't see any single red head in this picture.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #15 is THE Awesome!!!

  • Larry Molano


    HQ it. HQ it. Moar Chive!

  • south

    #18 Find her plz

    • Adam


    • tracy

      she is V or monika – used to model with her….lost track somehow

  • ChiverBU

    #15 is perfect. Now if only I co…..FIND HER!!!!!

    • smee

      heather vandeven

  • Chase

    #39 We need to find!

    • miles

      Ya that might be the hottest girl I've ever seen.

  • OzChiver

    I like #27 because breasts

    • Kevin

      i like #27 because i like pimples and gross moles.

      • canitfatso

        you don't like her because she's an actual girl?

    • Medium00Rare

      I'm sure she looks great…. but she should have showered before the photo

      • Laine

        I didn't realize I look dirty? I don't see any mud streaked across my face or anything.

        • loopy

          Ignore these arseholes, you look just fine, and nice cleavage.

  • teilzeithippies

    #18 please finde her! 🙂

    • Schwartz


  • Stooky

    18- nice eyes
    22- amazing all together

  • tbaker67

    The best reds yet! Good job chive

  • beargrylls

    #39 YES please, that's one of the most beautiful smiles i've ever seen

    • Javelin

      She won it for me also! damnn that smile! Need to get me a redhead!

    • Birdhaus32

      Stole the words right out of my mouth. Totally made the post

    • BentWrenches

      Some of the prettiest teeth i have ever come across

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