My Grandpappy Winston used to tell me the key to life… “beer and redheads, my boy” (41 Photos)

  • MSM


  • A Fan

    #32 YUP!

  • A Fan

    Is that Faye Regan? And if you don't know who she is, Google her. You won't be disappointed.

    • Fuzzy_wuzzy_buzzing

      i dont think that thats Faye Regan

  • TheBigKahuna

    the chive needs moar Felicia Day #24

  • That guy

    Find #33

  • jeffurry

    #22 nothing better than a legit cheese

  • OwnerOfYou

    #35 FTW

  • Chef

    Please find #12

    • boo

      her name is Nicole Olson

    • Guest


  • Chris Hansen

    I saved #3 and #18, I'll find more images of those women to stare at later. Thanks chive.

  • Jurke

    where is the beer?

  • Stan

    Good god find 30 and 39

  • Bud Lee

    #14 this chick has been popping up a lot lately

  • Sugreev2001

    Aside from no.30,these babes are ridiculously hot and I'd *insert too naughty for this site sentence* them.
    #3 is magnificent

  • Cecil

    #34 #38 'Wow', says me in a breathless whisper. Find them both, tell us who they are and what they read when it's raining and cold. Tell them I'm smitten, be fast and be bold gentlemen.

  • XAV

    #23, what is that thing for if I dare ask?

  • Trilobiteer

    #16 needed the camera positioned slightly to the right, just so we could see who owns such a perfect body. Absolutely stunning.

  • GingerFever

    Please find #20!!!!

  • Chuck Taylor

    #2 Maybe my favorite redheads post yet. is the model for the underwear store, Aerie. I got caught staring at the triple-life-size gap while pushing my daughters' stroller in the mall the other day. Didn't give a fuck.

  • morebeer

    Where is the beer?

  • Jake Dent

    #26/#27 It don't matter what the other peeps are sayin, FIND HER!

    • Black Francis

      Just be careful Scott, you'll have to fight her 7 deadly exes.

      • Laine

        First off, love the ramona flowers reference, I actually went purple and blue before the red, and green is on the way. Second, thanks jake, you're awesome

  • Punk77


  • Mike

    I sent a picture of my girlfriends great ass three times and you’ve yet to post it. But you have no problem posting disasters like #26 & #27. Wtf!

    • Ben

      Disaster? This is a beauty that is wearing little makeup and no photoshop, clearly your girlfriends ass is the disaster since this chick has been on the chive many times!

    • Laine

      Well since the chive seems to like me with acne, why doesn't your girlfriend stop photoshopping out her ass acne and then send the photos?

  • payazo

    I like redhead!!!! #12 and #13
    beutifull xD…

    • stephanie

      who is #13…I must know

  • Dub

    #6 Jessica = favorite True Blood character. She does it to me every week and she continuously wears less and less clothing

    • RAS

      And that is a good thing!

  • aguynamedvic

    #33 for the win! so beautiful

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