How did Russia ever make it into space?

  • Emma Oliver

    um… #30 = not russia.

  • LOL

    no 31 isnt from russia,its from greece!

  • will

    #5 is in Austria

  • pyrosis

    There isn't enough alcohol on Earth to make anyone get it up for #20.


    I KNEW that's where Santa gets all the good stuff!

  • Abe

    #5 is not russia

  • Galaxy

    I don't want to go to Russia.

  • Oscar Cornejo

    #37 The Four Musicians of Bremen !!! XD hilarius

    check it out

  • Khaqan Javaid

    #29 By blending in…

  • fore skin

    #31 Fuck you drum!

  • Lefthand

    Hmm,every left handed cop with shield looks like idiot thanks to that sign POLICE…

  • meho

    Stupid Leo
    no5= in Graz (Austria)
    no20=your sister, Antje is not a russian name
    no31= Greece
    no26=not russia

  • Cory Thung

    #20 There is no paper bad thick enough, no room dark enough and definitely not enough alcohol in the whole world for this shit..

  • Kaboom
  • Wrhn

    Nr. 5 is Graz, Austria

  • Ноу Нејм
  • Kanenas

    People by the way picture 1 and 31 is from the resent police use of violence in Greece! Thats why we'll never make to space…

  • Eddy

    #12 So I buy 1 burger, and you get the "chicken" sandwich that comes with it.
    #16 GTA: Moscow

  • dr. gonzo

    #22 Damn, the hipsters got Russia too! YOU ARE NOT SAFE!

  • Nerman Talakic

    #5 is Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria

  • Nancy Hey

    Russians have a great sense of humor!

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