Scene/Emo girls on a Friday? You can’t explain that (30 Photos)

  • Chazz_B

    #2 #6 #11 #12 #26

    i wouldn't mind, if they are legal xD

  • theone

    #18 i knew her once. shes a whore.

  • Chris

    #11 is just adorable. More plz

  • AssClown

    #3 Is mesmerizing!

  • Isaac

    #7 #23 FIND THEM!!!

  • That Guy

    funny, these girls all are trying to be different, but all i see is Ctrl + Alt + C at #1 and Ctrl + Alt + P down to #27

    • Geoff

      why are you using alt doe? Ctrl+c / Ctrl+v

  • crack hoe magee

    These bitchhes look stupid but at lleast they aren’t gangsta wannabees they are the worst.

  • Indeed

    They all want to look so unique, yet they all have the same haircut and piercings

  • cookiesncream

    Are any of these even legal? I feel dirty…

  • Rick

    #11, #21 are the winners in my book

  • cptDeadbones

    #19, What happened? I lost all my hair due to boredom, so I killed a raccoon and put it on my head…

  • Some Girl

    #7 Has her nipples pierced.

  • dez troyer

    #5, #6, #7, #8, #12 #20.. fuck it ,i want MOAR of pretty much all of them..

  • beenthere

    #19 Audrey Hepburn was closer to "Goddess" than she ever was to just plain woman.

  • Brewdy

    #11 Look at it. How come you don't want to look att it? Look at it!

  • NW_Islander

    #19 Looks like her hair imploded.

  • frankysins

    I must be getting old.. whats scene?

    • Dick_Hammer

      I think anyone over 20 would feel old to these chicks. I would call them posers…damn that makes me feel old.

  • djdan

    #7 ftw….she dope

  • the chird

    #21 – meeoww

  • W Thomas Kimberly

    #27,,The Parents would be proud,,way too much!

  • Caleb

    I was unaware that 'scene' was still a thing.

  • Richard Ackbar

    I really like the ones with messy unkempt hair. And some of the clothes and make-up are cute, but they're so dramatic, I'd never think of dating one.

  • Ben

    Dam these lady are sooo hot!!!

  • konaehukai

    #4 Aint too bad.

  • mrbungle777

    #18 think that's Hilary! am i right?

    • Sammie

      nope. her name is deandra, shes a nasty whore.

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