Scene/Emo girls on a Friday? You can’t explain that (30 Photos)

  • Leroy

    #8 is very attractive despite her efforts to the contrary

  • 'berto

    Obviously some girls have not yet recieved the message, so allow me: NO F#&%ING DUCKFACE! Also, what is it that makes them think that taking a photo with a cell phone in a bathroom mirror and giving it a slight tilt to the side makes it cool and/or artistic? Because it doesn’t. In fact, it makes you look like an idiot. Seriously, I don’t care how hot your minidress with maxicleavage makes you look–diagonal photos are RETARDED!

  • Rowen

    I'm not 100% sure that these aren't all pictures of the same girl with different hair. They all have that exact same little heart shaped face.

  • Brobraham lincoln

    How cute, the chive found

  • VFR_Dude

    God those piercings are awful. However: boobs.

  • Truth.Inc

    #8 looks the most sane and fun.

  • yoselahonda

    Unless they've got knockers like #21 and #22 , Emo chicks are anything but good looking. Especially the ones with Racoon hair. I'm talking about you #25.

  • Mikenasty

    i do not see a downside in any of this.

  • baconcheeseburger

    I want one. Hopefully they start importing them to Texas soon.

  • CujoLatte

    What the hell does emo stand for anyway?

  • Simo

    #4 cute.

  • Amanda Scull

    Thank god i dont look like this!

  • Neal

    #14 Will you marry me?

  • Polonuts

    #21… get the metal out of her lip and wipe the dumbass paint off her face and she would be pretty damned hot.

  • Munk85

    Nothing emo about them. They're all amazingly hot

  • Marcus McConnell

    #27 ❤

  • justin

    pretty much all these girl are Beautiful
    as for being stuck up and so on, guess you'd just have to get to know all of them to find out

  • NOUU


  • Mchammajamma

    #11 your wonderful don’t ever change : )

  • Tyler Wilson

    I Want Moar Photos I Need Them

  • Nathan

    #4 and #7 Look Normal and Sexy.

    The rest. … Nope, cant fap to them

  • jphny

    #3 and 20 more plz

  • Ctown

    I think I know #8, she’s pretty badass

  • Tally21

    BC, Canada

  • Kfc123

    This was Good!! The girls did what they wanted to do and they all look hawt to somebody, why does everybody have to be a bunch of haters cause they ant dress or wear a tie like your dumbasses.. I heard the way you judge somebody else really just defines you who are.. or just for the ppl who post that have nothing intelligent to say.. Why’d you fackin look through every pic and comment when you knew comin in what the album was about? maybe stick to robots and cars

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