Soooo…. you got wasted (30 Photos)

  • Dennis

    #28 I can’t even order 1 sticker because they’re always out and this drunk fuck has 200 on his face. My jeep looks so sad with no chive bumper sticker. I hope you have a hangover for a week.

  • LeoLoco99

    #3 beautifull variety

  • number 4

    It's like a museum of shitty beer. Is that a St. Ides on the door? Holy fuck.

  • Cory Thung

    #12 Wow, this guy really sucks

  • Brad


    • Brad

      #14 GoPackersGo!!!

  • Paul

    He is a lucky guy only if it IS a girl…. are we sure..?

  • eatit

    #19 Like a boss

  • Bugman72

    Dennis is totally right!!! Must have been an inside job… Share!!!! And I hope you dont get a terrible rash.

  • oranglewat

    #29 still not as gay as twilight.

  • Jordan

    #7 is drinking a Mic Ultra… wtf

  • RidingRaptors

    #23 Everyday Wisconsin!

  • Ooooops

    White Trash….You're doing it wrong.

  • konaehukai

    #28. What a waste of a bunch of perfectly good chive stickers.

  • yea hoe

    Yea packers. Yea beer. Yea Wisconsin.

  • Joe Stabbin

    who cares ? it's just LIGHT american beer ! lol

  • stingervz

    #7 is my kind of chair!

  • Oliullah Saadi


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