Artist Garrett Miller enhances your kid’s art (20 Photos)

  • Jimm Pratley

    That Mer-man has breasts. this is a fact

  • Athena

    Awesome – I love this!!

  • Russ

    Check out Dave Devries – the monster engine for an even better version of this idea.

    • topher

      Fuck you Russ!

  • gyro

    #17 Nun chucks of Lighting. Super effective.

  • Coldzilla

    Imagine what this guys fridge looks like 😮

    Pretty cool

  • poopstain

    i don’t like it.

    so many of the kids details are omitted. those details are what make them twistedly wicked

  • max


  • Bob Bobbington

    I love the redesigned #15.

    • Bob Bobbington

      Not 15, #16

  • A BiPolar Guy

    I don't see the point myself. The kids' work is interesting, even cherished if it's your kid, but his work just leave me with no sense of added value at all, and he's not my kid.

  • Munk85

    #6 is my favorite

  • elbruces

    Not that much of an improvement. And it's kind of like saying "Hey little kid, you're a crap artist. I'll do your same picture with better technique. Now let's step outside for some one-on-one basketball…"

  • jdreyfuss

    I like the merman who's kind of pissed off at having to wear a coconut bikini.

  • Canadastani

    Ninja Pig should be the new mascot of the Internet!

  • spare201

    #18 IMPOSS-AH-BRU!!!

  • Dalton Pierce O'Neal

    Where was this guy when I was ten?

  • booo

    the kids part is cool, however the artist doesnt seem to have alot of creativity dont see what the big deal is he took the easy way out on alot of them

    • topher

      I know right! Clearly this guy is curse with reasonable techical skill combined with a complete lack of imagination. That has got to be worse than not being able to draw at all, like moi!

  • Guestimations


  • Allenavw

    #10 You just know that according to the kid his drawing looks exactly like the artists one. It's all imagination.

  • Corey

    I am disturbed by what goes on in a child's mind. Deeply disturbed.

  • jehammerby

    If you read this post backwards, it's a gallery of "Nailed it!"

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  • Maherart

    Ninja pig enhances quality of bacon.

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