Awesome basketball trick shots (12 GIFs)

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  • helge


    • Short Bus All Stars

      to people really still do that??? first? wow what an accomplishment..I hope I'm that cool one day … you are a true loser

  • Verbal_Kint

    still love men!!! first

    • Paula_

      Good for you. Not the 'first' part of course.

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG –

  • Gooberman

    #13…not awesome

    • Glitched

      #13 nailed it!!!

      • oops

        The Landing?………Honestly, what did think would happen.

    • Peanutguy

      #4…catapult…awesome! – wrong…Trebuchet
      #13…not awesome – wrong…awesome

  • dorkfish

    most looked shopped to me

  • Simon Iono


    • mmm...

      nope. A few of these were on the news

    • Randy Gallegos

      for everyone saying "SHOPPED" most of these are done by a group of guys known as DUDE PERFECT. here's some evidence for ya! head to youtube for more AWESOME!!!

  • VedHead77

    Definitely shopped. I know because I've seen a basketball game or two in my day.

  • JAMon

    #3…rich kids with too much time.

    • Say What!?

      says the old man on TheChive in the middle of a Monday

  • SmokeyMorgan

    #13 Now someone needs to run up and taze him. LOL

  • wkdfrog

    #3 Looks like a great way to spend a day – awesome fun 🙂

  • MidwestChiver

    all of these are awesome well done

  • billshakes626

    These are fucking ridiculous.

  • Lebowski

    Awesome Chive fail of a bunch of shots we've a hundred times on the web in the last 5 years. -not a troll, but a loyal Chiver

    • phideauxe

      Why don't you just go have sex with yourself. And drop the name – you are a goddam tard and don't deserve such a fine name.

  • solid

    13 what was he even trying to do?


    Wasn’t amused ’til #13.


    Wasn't amused 'til #13.

  • Blindsided5

    The last one would be more impressive if he got both legs through..

  • Roscoe

    This one is a bit hard to believe…. #8

    • Mr. Big

      Agreed. The ball doesn't even bounce after it hits the floor…

    • Chuck Taylor

      The ball seems to take a strange path. I'm not so sure about this one.

    • what

      yeah that was the only one i thought was edited. That ball would hit the base of the pole and ricochet like crazy

    • Htisss

      They are all fake…good lord these things are stupid

    • guest

      Dude Perfect. they make a lot of these shots

  • Wolffyy

    I guess this is the only way white guys can do something impressive with a basketball.

    • Dirk Nowitski

      HA…..Good One

      • Ned Flanders

        Hehe. good one!

    • Asshole

      If you want to be racist, fine, let's do that.

      A majority of them can buy a basketball with a credit card with their own name on it, how's that for impressive?

  • William Richardson

    #8 definitely fake.

    • John

      they have a youtube channel and i really believe their videos arent fake if you watch some of them. this shot probably took days to do

  • BentWrenches

    I don't know about the rest, but #6 is obviously fake. You can see the trajectory of the ball change mid-flight.

    • Just_A_Guest

      its a jet engine. hence the change

    • Billy the Kid

      That's because it's being thrown into the jet wash of the airplane.

    • SkyVader

      Because he's using the jet engine behind him to propel the ball into the goal.

    • Golgothan

      that's because the airplanes engine is on. Thus the earmuffs.

    • Marvin the Martian

      Jet exhaust will do that

    • ebits21

      I just wanted to mention the obvious JET ENGINE, again!

    • i just chived

      i like how 6 separate people felt it necessary to explain it to you, just to make sure you got it into your thick skull

      • BentWrenches

        Wow,I guess i missed that ,eh?

        • Chris

          *slaps forehead*

          • FACEPALM

            you mean *facepalm*

    • Lt. Nick Bradshaw

      Actually you're all wrong, he throws it into the APU exhaust of the plane not the engines jet wash. The engine would of thrown it through that back board. Either way you're still a dumb ass!

    • Short Bus All Stars

      no shit …. it's in a jet stream dumbass … notice the huge jet ergo the point to the trick shot …

    • Andraž

      that is because of jet engine!!!


    #13 best trick shot evah

  • zenner15

    I've actually done #11 by accident haha

    • Mother of Men


  • PopcornFarts

    #13 NAILED IT

  • Vicente Cortina Hanun

    Awesome post chive!!!!!!!!!

  • bkfrijoles

    #3 still one the sweetest dunks ive ever seen

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