Awesome basketball trick shots (12 GIFs)

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  • bling

    where did the ball come from in #9

    • SPY

      he is holding it in between his legs. took me a while to notice too.

      • Yuka

        Hey they put up photos of wtseerners with and without make up . I’m Chinese/Filipino I found it v informative. It’s so true . asian girls these days really know how to use make up. As long as they never take it off, why would I care?

    • Frank

      Like most balls, it was between his legs the whole time.

    • Avkiwi

      Between his knees.

    • Luongo is a fag

      came out his asshole

      • what

        it was a poopshoot

        • Mika

          Thanks so much for this wonderful arictle; this is the kind of thing that continues me though out the day. I’ve been searching around for your arictle after I heard about them from a friend and was thrilled when I was able to find it after searching for some time. Being a avid blogger, I’m happy to see others taking initiative and contributing to the community. I just wanted to comment to show my appreciation for your post as it’s very encouraging, and many writers do not get the credit they deserve. I am sure I’ll be back and will spread the word to my friends.

    • MyDinkyDrips

      It was on the ground at the top of the free throw line, why does everyone say it was between his legs the whole time? He tumbled all the way up to the free throw line and as he went over the ball he picked it up between his feet without missing a beat in his tumble and during that tumble let go of the ball as it went up and into the basket! This never really happened though because it was photo shopped right from the start. I'm guessing what the 5 relies plus the original post before me saw was the first PShop of the video and since the last reply, before my reply, they changed it up to where the ball was no longer between his knees the entire time but was moved to the free throw line where he supposedly picked it up between his feet as he tumbled over it…….NOT! Does this sound about right to the guys that replied before me?

      • Dave

        your looking at the wrong one you dunce, they are talking about the trapeeze one and not the tumbling one.

  • chiver247


  • Pants

    #13 More of this please.

  • Coldzilla

    #5 Definitely 3 point range…

    • Stefica

      I have realized that I need to be in more flmaiy photos. I just need to get over myself .Last year we asked a stranger to take a Christmas Day shot at Downtown Disney and it turned out to be one of my favorite photos.

  • Crash Knuckles

    #12 Mah boy Monta

  • guest

    so how many of these are actually real? 1? zero?

    • Novel

      missemy1995 on August 30, 2011 One thing I like about myself is that I’m a very pivstioe, happy person. I always look for the best in life instead of focusing on the bad.

    • Saimon

      Hihi, ein definitives Mango h rt sich #lecker an (NoOffense!). Mich w rde noch inretessieren, in welchem Fachbereich die Veranstaltung angesiedelt war. Den Hintergrund mit der Saklen bersicht kannte ich noch nicht, muss ich mir mal genauer ansehen.

  • James Dobry

    Yep…. #13
    Congratulations, you win a Darwin award.

  • Ned Flanders

    #7 good old Arco Arena in Sactown. Dude Perfect

  • deleted4371007

    Nothing like a game of horse. Awesome shots overall

    • Dilaver

      Ooo I really like those tips! I often have knee pain when ruinnng too so I’ll have to try that exercise! I rarely stretch and I know that’s something I really need to work on doing more because I can definitely tell that I’m tight!Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..

  • Casey

    anyone else have the globetrotters whistle song playing in their head as they watched this?

  • poyraz


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