Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • F. Gump

    #9 You are stuck.

  • CrimsonKing

    #1 Chessboard is not set correctly. White square must be on the right corner of both players.
    Nice try anyway

  • nixt3r

    #14 scenic furniture? I never thought I'd live to see the day.

  • cookiesncream

    #4 – Not Awesomeness

  • os99

    #20 That just about amounts to all the bikes stolen in London last week.

  • Joe H.

    Chive and politics don't mix! Stick to what you do best Chive.

  • Chuck Taylor

    #11 Still not as bad as Obama.

    • Eh?

      Yeah, she just wanted us to default on our debt, thinks God talks to her directly, hates gays, talks about how much she hates government spending while taking any federal assistance she can find…….

      Clearly she's better than Obama…..

      • Madmartigan

        hmmmmm. interesting anger…

  • poseidon

    #2 here is the house it is from, with more cool pictures and information http://www.designsponge.com/2011/07/sneak-peek-ar

  • Seldi84

    #2 is awesome

    #4 is not.

  • Chris


    He even marked test form C.

  • http://www.facebook.com/StarWarsFan Bryan Williams


    Fake!, It was not a Tuesday but a Monday!

  • rebel


    oh man…that…that is good stuff right there.

  • Rick

    #12 SWEET! Gotta get one made.

  • Bob

    #16…This is my new mantra. Except the crap about recycling.

  • kingsfan34

    #16 The best show on television right now

  • Oblivious

    #22 Superman can be a real dick sometimes.

  • Selmy

    Should rename this – Daily Reddit

  • toastymoe

    #4… not awesome


    #7 dont do it! speed wobbles will get ya!

  • johkur

    #11 That's exactly what she'll do for this country if enough stupid people vote for this airhead.

    • Mensch

      Airhead? You try graduating from law school and actually practicing law (tax law, no less), and see how smart you think you are. BTW, she has an LLM (tax law) on top of her Juris Doctorate. She's certainly more intelligent that our Teleprompter in Chief (who never really practiced law), who can't think for himself and has to have people spoon feed him information that he just reads and/or regurgitates. You know, Obama: Mr. 57 states; Corpsmen; writes 2008 on the royal wedding registry (which took place in 2011). The guy is a complete fool, and you dummies continue to worship him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vicorhan Vicente Cortina Hanun


  • http://www.facebook.com/shannancrews Shannan Crews

    How can I get this chessboard???

  • Brad

    #4 Um, Mind the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap?

  • http://twitter.com/pyrosis pyrosis

    Where is #10 from?

  • lilix

    #10 any body else notice there was an air hockey table. it took me seven minutes and 49 seconds to realize it.

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