How the times have changed (19 Photos)

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  • teilzeithippies


    • i just chived

      the only thing that saddens me more than you is the bacon

      • Wong

        the fuck is with white people and bacon all of a sudden?

        • Matt Mulford

          how do you know he's white?

          • Frank M

            Nineteen examples on why we should end the Fed.

            Ron Paul for Prez 😉

        • derpinherpin


    • dub


      Stamps are $0.44

      • derpinherpin

        thanks mr postal service?
        i mean who the fuck mails anything anymore?

  • PaPa

    Some of the costs are correct. Others are way off. I would never pay $7.00 for a six pack of Bud. I can regularly buy milk for 2.50-3.00.

    • Randy Gallegos

      those are national averages, most likely, not exact numbers everywhere.

      • confused yet frisky

        Not all of us live in "Hicksville" like you and your sister/cousin/girlfriend do.

        • The_Dood

          You're an idiot.

    • shaka

      If I could find milk for under 3.50, I would tweet about it all day!! and I would also jump on a six pack for $7… don't know where you live, but sounds like you should stay there…

      • Travis

        Buffalo NY, 1.99 for a gallon of 1%

      • George

        I don't know where you live, but if you tweet about the price of milk you should get really just kick yourself off the internet. I feel sorry for anyone with the misfortune to follw your feed.

      • TAMZz

        In Youngstown, OH—milk 2.79 – 6pk 5.99- average cost of gas 3.44- Coke a cola 1.79—will pay more for a better city though…Average pay 8.00 I make $15/hr and ppl think I'm rich…..Yeah right….they haven't been out of the city…

    • its_forge

      Domestic beer is over six bucks in Southeast Florida. I've been buying Yuengling's which is eminently drinkable and still under $6.

      • hMMMM

        Yuengling under $6? Didn't think that price was anywhere outside of PA…

        • its_forge

          Just got a 12 for $9.99 on sale. And like I said, Ft. Lauderdale is high-high price country.

    • ellenD

      yeah those are just an average. Where I live a gallon of skim milk is $4.99

  • Cristi_P

    Huh… in a lot of cases that's a lot more than inflation can account for… though I have to say that in some cases, it's simply because there's more included in that price than existed in the 60s.

    • Gutterville

      90% has got to do with inflation but you have yo take into account he wages in the 60s probably 20x times then what it is now

      • its_forge

        Yeah this; I was getting $10 an hour to dig ditches in 1981; do non-union unskilled ditch diggers get $23.87 an hour now? I'm thinking not.

        • Gevth

          IMO, if you take each product's price, and divide it by the price of the Coke bottle from that year, you'll get which items are actually overvalued.

  • brad

    I wish I was paying 3.75 for a gallon of gas. I am paying almost 11. Welcome to Europe.

    • Richie

      The US is the only country that uses gallons, they use liters everywhere else. Also, if you live in Europe you have way better public transport systems, better (and free) schools, free medical care, your life expectancy is most likely longer … I could go on and on. The only reason gas is more expensive in Europe is because they use the money for services to the people and try to encourage public transport (which is awesome there).

      • richard

        Public Transport in England is the most inefficient and expensive way of travelling. particularly if you live on the urban fringes. it costs me more to get the bus to town then it does to pay for a car, insurance, tax and petrol. if you travel everyday.

        • brad

          Richard, that applies in lots of places, but I find that parking kills that budget. Parking (esp. in major cities) is more expensive than the bus tickets where I live.

          • richard

            Fair point, although you do have the added bonus of travelling when you want (as government cuts have axed bus's) and not having to deal with aggro bus drivers… i just really dont like stagecoach.

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          First, suburban (and inner city for that matter) bus fares in the UK are comparable to the rest of Europe.

          However, maybe you need to fight for flat fares in your neck of the woods, Richie. In London, it's £1.30 for any bus journey and the buses are usually every 10-15 mins, even in the outer suburbs. A 30min rail journey only costs up to £2.50. Yes, we subsidise our fares with the Congestion Charge (a toll to drive in central London) but considerable money can also be raised by hiking up parking charges.

          And with the railways now using airline-style pricing structures, if you book just a few weeks in advance, rail travel is ridiculously cheap. For ex, London to Manchester (=2 hours on express train), weekday, first class for £30.

          In summary, in conclusion and to cut a long story short-ish, public transport isn't anywhere as expensive as you think, especially when you include all the costs of using your own car (parking, petrol, buying the car in the first place, insuring it etc.)

          • Gutterville

            Lies all lies
            I went to leeds during the weekday last week, off peak hours and the east coast train ticket cost me £97, standard class and leeds is further then manchester.
            Plus your car has the most added benefit of that you don't get stinky, crazy people on the buses or trains

        • its_forge

          If you can't afford to own a car, it tends to skew the value of being able to get a ride somewhat.

      • JBNZ

        The reason some European countries have free medical cover and schools etc is because the pay for it through around 50% income tax.

        • killa

          Where can you find 50% income tax?

          • potzy

            In the UK you can pay up to 50% income tax plus national insurance, the NI pays for the NHS, schools etc etc. The 50% band only applies to those earning >£150k a year.

            People typically have to pay between 20% and 40% off their net salary as tax and NI depending on their salary.

            • Gutterville

              You sir forget VAT, road tax, feul tax and council tax

              • potzy

                No I didn't, the thread was talking about being taxed on your income, not tax on your own spending.

                • Gutterville

                  Tax is Tax at the end of the day
                  it doesn't mater where it comes from, at the end of the year the government gets around 50% percent of everyones money

          • Necause

            In Holland you pay 52% when you earn a gross 4.500 a month.

          • Chris Poole

            I pay 47% income tax in Canada.

          • dub

            Inflation "Tax" in the U.S. is easily more than that. Imagine a system that could tax fractions of your dollar without you even noticing.

      • shaka

        Richie, you are an idiot!! that socialist utopia that you dream of does not exist, this is evident by the riots going on… If you want to live over there, than move there, and quit trying to change the US to be what it is not! You and your buddy obummer can go and have all your "free" shit over there until the money runs out… just like what is happening… wake up idiot!

        • Sean Doherty

          The US is in considerably more debt than the UK. The riots happened due to social ineptitude and a general lack of respect and knowledge in our youth. Our country is full of retarded arse suckers. Half of them had no idea why the Riots started and just used it as an excuse to get free shit even though there was several accounts stating they could in fact afford to buy the things they stole.

          So, you get your facts right, Shaka. Obama is trying to build a stable economy so your country doesn't collapse on itself in the next fifty years. You go on living the dream, though man, you do that if it keeps you safe at night.

          • its_forge

            I don't think the US debt expressed per capita is that much higher than the UK's.

            • Fasteddy14

              Per capita can be a tricky thing when associated with our debt. 47% of Americans don't pay any federal income taxes. They say the top 10% pay roughly 70% of our total tax bill.

              • its_forge

                That right-wing talking point doesn't have anything to do with the national debt expressed per capita. And incidentally none of it is true but I don't expect you to believe me.

              • bab

                That's because the bottom 50% have a combined total net worth value of less than 3% of country's wealth!!!

          • Fasteddy14

            Your flaming-liberal assumption that Obama is trying to build a "stable economy" so our country doesn't collapse on itself is idiotic. We are borrowing more money to pay for any expansion in wide-eyed government assistance programs. We are already spending far beyond our means for the foreseeable future. At what point is enough spending enough? If our nation was a college student with a high-interest credit card, I would cut the card up until he/she paid the debt down.

            The same comment you made about Obama can be used to defend Hugo Chavez's destruction of his nation's economy.

            What is the European love for Obama? He is the same man that was given a Nobel Peace prize before he even took office? I won't blame him for the first two wars, but our involvement in Libya is all him. And deposing a leader to promote democracy was what he railed against in Iraq. Just because the UN sanctions military action, doesn't make it "just".

            • its_forge

              Again, none of these Beck-and-Hannity talking points have any basis in reality. But thanks for playing along.

              • _bigdeal

                your an idiot. theres no use in debating with you.

                • its_forge

                  Says the guy who doesn't know which "your/you're" to use.

            • Ronnie

              ~Our tax rate is at historic lows.
              ~Most large corporations in the US pay close to nothing (if not literally nothing) in taxes. (because of loopholes)
              ~ We had a projected surplus of 5 trillion before, Bush Tax Cuts, the Wars, (which weren't counted on the books till 2009) and Bush's expansion of Medicare Part D.

              We have a spending problem, on wars and a revenue problem on taxes. Tax codes need to be revamped, taxes cuts need to expire for the wealthy, government subsidies to large corporations need to be removed, we need to retract from Iraq and Afghanistan, and instead take care of our infrastructure and investment in our future.

      • its_forge

        Well, it's also cheap in the US because of the copious amounts of taxpayer money we shovel at the oil companies in the form of subsidies. I think the actual US cost of a gallon is 7 or 8 bucks, maybe closer to 10.

    • Zac

      Here in Italy it's around 6-7 dollars a gallon.

    • Ben

      In Belgium about 6 Euro's so about 8,7 dollar/ gallon

      • A killer whale

        I am an Orca Killer whale and swim all day. I am however surprised that theChive has turned into a public transportation forum.

        • First Time Caller

          You entertain me AKW

    • Kevin

      But at least you have a larger and more reliable public transit system. Unless you live in east bumfuck like I do.

    • Diana

      In my country it´s like US$7.00/gallon regular gas and I live in a third world country. Go figure…

      • SickofantiamericanBS

        You people are boring guess what none of your bitching means a damn thing you are all pawns and will serve your purpose so rich fucks who own your jobs and make all their money off under paying you(like me) until you work yourself into your grave and we can hire someone for half you cost.

  • MIke

    Um…not even close

  • Andrew

    need to factor in inflation and real comparative pricing

    • elbruces

      Just eyeballing the list, most of the basic consumer goods seem to have gone up by x10. Luxury items by about x15. Gas, vehicles, college and real estate by even more.

      • 90sgamer

        If it incresed tenfold in 40 years, that means an inflation of almost 6%. That's too high for inflation, but you see, it's realistic numbers.

        • 90sgamer

          Sorry, wrong calculation, it's 50 years… Means an inflation of 4,7% which is still high but even more convincing!

          • Ron Paul

            And it will keep growing as long as the Fed keeps printing money from thin air.

            • its_forge

              You can't have economic growth without inflation.

              • McGuyver

                Who ever told you that was lying to you.

                And now you're lying to everyone else.

                • its_forge

                  Illuminate us O Wise One how your economy can grow and people can make more money and more money doing essentially the same things they've been doing but that doesn't cause inflation.

                  • dub

                    Compare the value of your dollar to an ounce of Gold (a historically accurate and practically unchanging form/value of currency). From the creation of the dollar until around the 1930's, the cost of an ounce of Gold was practically unchanged. An ounce of Gold cost from $18.93 to about $20.00. The dollar was backed by gold and thus could not intentionally be inflated. From 1930 to 1963, the cost of an ounce of Gold jumped from about $20 to $35. Still not much.

                    Then the Gold standard was removed. How much does an ounce of Gold cost you today? Currently $1760.80 per ounce (

                    The price of Gold has not risen. It has maintained its value throughout history. The value of your dollar, through over printing and inflation has decreased A TON.

                    So this is economic Growth?

                    Are you saying that there was basically NO economic growth from the founding of the US Dollar until 1930? Until 1960?

                    Well shit. Look at all of our economic growth now! Your dollar is worth a little more than 1% what it was worth under the gold standard.

                    Now illuminate us on how the US managed to survive its entire 200 years of infancy without economic growth.

                    • its_forge

                      ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME the value of gold hasn't changed. OMG are you completely high. Fervent MARKETING by gold sites that advertise with right-wing nutballs like Beck and Limbaugh have DRIVEN the price of gold into the stratosphere. And yet they continue to shriek at us that the dollar is going to be valueless and we should, get this, GIVE ALL OUR DOLLARS to THEM and BUY GOLD WITH IT. That's ***INSANE.***

                    • dub

                      Sure sounds like a conspiracy theory, Forge.

                      P.S. If you agree with everything that NBC, MSNBC, and CCN tell you, then please realize that you're an identical mirror reflection of the Fox retards. Just as gullible and just as wrong about everything.

                    • its_forge

                      No buddy, I don't believe anything on broadcast news and triply so if it's televised. But your thinking on gold and inflation, look, I'm no economist but I know enough to know what you're promoting is bunk.

                    • dub

                      The Gold Standard is bunk? It protects the people within an economy from losing the value of the money they've earned.

                      Imagine you have a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card that is currently worth $1000.00. What happens if the company decides to go and print out 400,000 more of the exact card? The card in your hand just lost the majority of its value.

                      With the Gold Standard (and without the federal reserve) the value of your dollar would be safe from overprinting.

                      With the Gold Standard (and without the federal reserve) the cost of an ounce of Gold would still be roughly the same as it was 200 years ago.

                      It's not the cost of gold rising, it's the value of your dollar diminishing. The reason that shit is still affordable today is because of "advancements" like mass production, importation of raw materials and products from poor countries, genetic cultivation, and CHEAP materials like plastic everywhere.

                      Even with all the cool trinkets your car comes with today, a solid 1952 Chevy is probably worth more in raw material. So why does your car today cost more?

                    • its_forge

                      Well of course the dollar's diminishing, like I said, if it weren't there wouldn't be any growth = ) But yeah, having your currency referenced is nice, but keep in mind gold is sold as a commodity, which means its price fluctuates with supply and demand. If I had ten grand in gold coins a month ago, I'd have sat here and watched my total worth dip and rise and dip and rise – y'know what, I just do not have the constitution for that kind of crap. Give me fake crap fiat currency any old day, as long as it's from a reasonably stable economy like the US. ::twitch::

                    • dub

                      And I certainly respect your views and honesty. I'm no economist either. Just trying to apply logic to the big picture with what I know.

                      Always willing to learn 🙂

  • Chase

    #4 Tickets where I live cost $11 and if it's in 3D add $4 bucks!

    • embry_joe

      I live in Tokyo. The regular price of a movie at a major chain theater is ¥1800 or $23.43. That's for ONE ticket, and does not include 3D.

      That's more than the cost of buying the DVD and that SUCKS.

    • Mitch

      Agreed, no less than $10.50 here

    • Yeah, okay

      In Australia $19 for an adult//$25 for 3D.

      But for every 10 movies you see you get to see one free w/ the one in my town.

    • Waylon

      Graham cinema $3 a ticket. Took the old lady out last week. Large tub of popcorn, two large drinks and two tickets = $13.

      • max-pow

        Where is that…. paradise cinema?

    • Chaos

      Where I live it's $6.75 during the day and $8.50 at night.
      Whenever I go see a movie, it's right away in the morning cause the early bird special is $6.25.

    • Eeik5150

      Thank you for pointing this out it's $13 here in Sacramento Cali, $7 for matinee.

      • Chris Magee

        yea Sacramento Prices are insane, and drinks seem to get higher and higher every time I go out.

  • Johny

    It's called inflation. The average wage has gone up too…

    • asshole

      Clearly this guy doesn't know what inflation means.

      • 90sgamer

        Clearly he knows more about it than you do.

        • asshole

          Clearly you are him.

          • him


            • clearly

              Thou art him

              • Gutterville

                Major trolling going on here !!!
                thanks guys for the laugh

      • Spivias

        o.o thats what fucking inflation is
        price of goods goes up, but the value doesn't, so the value of the currency goes done
        although inflation can also be cause by other things like over producing of currency by the government and more

    • That Guy

      agreed. need to keep things in perspective. Average income in 1962 was $4,400… for men. in 2011 the average income is $46,300. that's about on par with the price increase of the products above.

      • dub

        Well…. it has to be — otherwise these products would not really be around anymore.

        • That Guy

          if you keep it in perspective then many of those things are cheaper today then they were back then. plus everything they mentioned is better today then it was, much much better.

          • dub

            Well that's a matter of opinion. Entirely.

          • TitoRigatoni

            THAN. Things are cheaper THAN they were back then. Things are better THAN they were.
            Also, no. Many things like Budweiser and Wrigley's gum are the same as they were, other things like Levi's are WORSE than they used to be.

            • That Guy

              fuck head fails at grammar. sure if i was making a comparison alone THAN your assholeness would be valid. but i was making a reference to the time more THAN making a reference to the items' comparativeness.
              everything is better. you didn't have options when choosing Budweiser, now you do. you think they haven't tweaked gum since the 60's? Levi's have more style and are constructed just as well. but i guess if you still wear jeans from the 60's and role your cigs in the sleeves of your shirt then that says a lot about your sense of being.

              • its_forge

                too bullshit; didn't read

                • Wong

                  for once, i agree with forge.

              • TitoRigatoni

                I agree, fuckhead has failed at grammar. Twice now. Fuckhead apparently does not know the difference between then and than, and when to use each.

                • That Guy

                  fucking grammar police. you have nothing worth saying other than.. 'uh you missed a period… that should be an adjective. ' this isn't fucking english class. that's so lame. do you really comment just to correct people's grammar? so sad. all smoke and no flame. FYL.

                  • WEWwrr

                    "too bullshit; didn't read"


              • hMMMM

                "…if I was making a comparison alone THAN your assholeness would be valid."

                "but I was making a reference to teh time more THAN making a reference…"

                Are you serious!?!?!? WOW. That Guy, just please stop.

                • That Guy

                  really dip shit? enlighten me with your ass hole opinion. i'm it's reeeeeal rich.

                  • LKNGoIE

                    "I'm sure it's….."

                    Go back to grade school.

                  • its_forge

                    Don't attempt communication over a textual medium if you suck at composing text.

                    • LuvH8fulChix

                      The purpose of syntax is to ensure conveyance of meaning. If meaning is conveyed, then errors in syntax are irrelevant.

                      Example: fucking lighten up

                      No capitalization, no punctuation: Meaning remains clear.

                    • its_forge

                      Sure, but you're just emphasizing *my* point – you sir are quite good at communicating in text. This other fellow, certainly not so much. I am far from a grammar nazi, I hardly ever correct anyone as long as they can make themselves understood.

                    • LuvH8fulChix

                      Ok. I can't disagree with that. Please accept this doubleneck guitar so we may both rock and/or roll together in the name of awesomeness.

    • Johnniringo

      Yes the average wage has gone up, but not at the same percentage rate and not enough to cover inflation. I was much better off financially 15 years ago, even though I made less money and didn't spend as wisely.

  • Ziffle

    "Kids these days and the holes in their jeans! I could have kept all your jeans and made millions!" -My grandmother to my father

    • rwere

      Your grandmother sounds like a retard. I hope she dies soon.

      • Kick Yer Ass

        Wow, you're a hate filled little asshole, aren't you?

      • dub


      • its_forge

        You stinking twat, I hope your mother impales herself on a garden rake.

  • Michael Dufour

    In France (converted from € to $) :
    #1 = 7.60$
    #2 : 2.14$
    #4 : 12.30$
    #6 : 85.87$

    So, why don't you come to France for holydays ? lol

    • kves

      France also pays for its citizens medical care, education etc. French people live longer than American, they are happier, they travel more, they are more educated, they have less debt… I wouldn't mind living in France. Too bad their immigration process is ridiculously long and I don't know the language.

      • Gutterville

        You long for France but I long for America
        funny how the world works doesn't it.

        • Frédéric Purenne

          Why the fuck would ANYONE long for Amercia? They have shitty political policies, half the people are religious nuts, they do not have any good social plans and their economy is going to shit!

      • its_forge

        And the food and coffee kick ass and you can get decent wine without paying much.

      • Steamboat Willie

        I have a point of contention with the more traveled one. It's easy to Europeans are more traveled than Americans, but you have to consider that traveling between countries in Europe is like traveling between states in the U.S. If every state in the U.S. was thought of as it's own Independent country many Americans would be just as traveled as people in Europe.

    • HeyJewed

      Because france sucks donkey nuts… That's why

      • its_forge

        Y'know who was the first country to recognize the US as a country right? Yeah France. No France, no America. Well we probably would've gotten there anyway, but France made it easier.

    • Necause

      Remind yourself that every summer, we Dutchies wait to refuel until we're in France…

    • hMMMM

      it's pretty amazing how you know the prices to all of these items… the cent

  • HeyJewed

    #19 price of being a slut? Still just your dignity…

    • its_forge

      ::sees pictures of two women::

      ::makes lame joke about being a slut::


      • GrossGreg

        ::sees lame post::

        ::makes lame post about lame post::


  • Skinnypete5

    the CHIVE should put a + and – button next to every picture

    • ijustsawyouderp

      not even gonna ask..

  • Lig

    Not perfect, but multiply the 1962 value by 7.13. That'll bring the 60's value up to modern cost.

    #2 and #17 are actually cheaper nowadays.

  • PrettyInPink

    #1 USA 2011- 3,73 dollars(1 dollar = 2.61 euros) per gallon(4,5 litters) =0,58 euro cents per litter
    Holland 2011- 1,67 euros litter

    yep…USA you are a winner!

    • Bdamg

      Pwned, only 1.64 euro in Belgium.

    • king

      1 dollar is not 2.61 euros. 1 dollar is 0.69 euros. The Euro is way stronger than the dollar.

    • HeyJewed

      So wait… In Holland they sell gasoline in litters like puppies or kittens? That's pretty cool!

      • Musje83

        Yeah, and I bet your Dutch is as good as his English, isn't it? Liters, litters, you get the f*****ng point.

        • pettyinpink

          yeah I got your f*****ng comment….Im not dutch so no I dont speak the f*****ng language, you f*****ng cunt!

          • _bigdeal

            whats with all the asterisks? you CAN type fuck on here cant you??

    • reme

      Try Kuwait at .50/gallon

      • yut

        I did, then I remembered I was in Kuwait and it wasn't worth it.

      • its_forge

        Heh. Can you um, get a dang beer in Kuwait? Can you talk to a girl without getting arrested? I know the rules are different depending on whose border you're in.

    • Le_Chef

      and a gallon is 3.78 liter, not 4.5

  • FolleRousse

    #6 actually if you follow the levis ad on the side bar, possible coincidence?, there pants are more like $70-80+

    • max-pow

      yep, but the quality matters also….nowdays they suck!!…made in vietnam or bangladesh i think

    • its_forge

      Ads, what ads, I see no ads. = )

  • theederv

    #1 Thats still fucking cheap compared to the UK. We pay £1.40 per LITRE of fuel. That works out at around $11 a gallon.

    • Dan

      That's what you get for living in a socialist wonderland.

    • GernBlansten

      Yeah, but's one of those ridiculous imperial gallons. A US Gallon would run you about $8 at UK prices. Sooo much better, right?

      • xspader

        Were at $2.14 NZD per litre so about $12NZD per Gallon (give or take) at todays currency that makes it about $9.90 per gallon…quit your bitching

        • _bigdeal

          AL- U-MIN-I UM.

  • Tiff

    #14 OMG The 2011 prices are insane.. I don't pay that much here in AZ , I am grateful

    • kingkong

      That's because you are a fucking redneck that shops at walmart and lives in a shitty area.

    • 90sgamer

      OMG the headlines are the same! History is repeating!!!

    • Syn

      Yeah something tells me this is either from a very heavily populated area or exaggerated just a bit, in every state from Michigan to Florida I've never once payed more than 2 dollars for a Sunday paper.

      • Sterling Crawford

        It's the New York Times price. I see those papers that think they are bringing you the greatest news ever, the next day, run $11 sometimes.

        • its_forge

          Sunday Times is at least a couple of days' worth of good reading. They *really* cover the FUCK out of *everything.*

      • its_forge

        Pretty sure the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is still just a buck weekdays.

  • JustinFL

    #14 Sorry but I've never seen a newspaper for $2 or $6 respectively…

    • leon

      that's ok. Forgiven.

    • Dan

      Lucky you.

      • thom

        For the Sunday edition.

    • The Internet

      What is this "newspaper" you speak of?

    • Bryan Williams

      I agree, I pay 0.50 for a Sunday issue

  • yeaaaabudddy

    #18 average to buy a house in vancouver: 921,000 fml i need to start saving

    • its_forge

      Fuck ownership, rent a place, then you can bail on it when the prices drop out of the bottom of the market, and get someplace cheaper, lather rinse repeat.

  • NateyTheGreaty


    I certainly don't pay anywhere near $40 for a haircut, that's way too much!

    • varlotto

      My mom cut my hair last night fo' free!

      • Bodhi

        I cut my own hair ^^ Just shaved it off lol

        • its_forge

          I am *so* ready to start cutting my own, I've got a decent set of electric clippers and I can get the sides and front right, but the sides and back of the top part, still workin' on that. So I pay $15 at SuperCuts. Meh.

          • derpinherpin

            um, your mom? and why dont you do your own nails instead of getting your mom to do that too?

            • its_forge

              Um, piss off you stupid little dweeb? Who the fuck jerked your chain? I'd get *your* mom to do it but I can't get her to take her lips off your dick? Mind your own fucking business, prick?

    • Amber Cross

      I pay $22. Bu then again I don't color it so that's why it's cheap.

    • Christopher Neufeldt

      I spend around $15 every time. Anyone who spends that much shouldn't.

  • varlotto

    I want a double cheeseburger now, thanks chive for reminding me that I'm fat. And that I like mcdonalds 😀

  • Foo

    @thederv, you're using your 4.4L imperial gallons. Our gallons are 3.8L….so you're paying $8.63/gallon. Gas has only gone up 67% (inflation adjusted) and prices have been very high for most of the last three years. Overall trip cost has gone down due to vehicle efficiency increases.

    The only ones that are even remotely interesting (inflation adjusted) are education and housing. 125-250k does not apply in areas like Southern California…we'ere still at 500-650k while we wait for the second half of the housing bubble to collapse. And the education bit…just plain horrifying.

    • brad

      I agree with your comment on education cost. It is big business first and investment in a populations need for educated individuals second.

  • mooseknuckle907

    #9 I cannot for the life of me, figure this out.

    • fibonacci5150

      Ya I only buy bacon in tons

      • mooseknuckle907

        Holy crap that is bacon.

      • youskipgradeschool

        um..derpin your herp?
        evrytthing has gone up including feed you ill enformed moron? or did ya think Bacon grew on trees?

    • GernBlansten

      Worth every fuckin' cent.

  • Dan

    #3 The tuition has only been adjusted for inflation. Honest!

    • thom

      Did you notice that this was the one that went up the most? Nearly 40x!

      • Old Scratch

        Because most people pay for college these days via federally-subsidized loans.

        • Stick

          Because it went up nearly 40x.

        • its_forge

          Because my Grampa putting my Dad through Rollins College in Orlando, which is a pretty snobby joint, just on what he got from running a gas station, is so laughable as to make one weep at the thought of it. If there weren't government subsidy now, only very rich kids would go to college at all. Does that sound like something you'd want? Certainly not me.

  • Keep_Floatin

    I couldn't have been the only one fooled by #8.

    • derpinherpin


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