How the times have changed (19 Photos)

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  • yep

    One thing that didn't get mentioned…in 1965 the average yearly income was $4658.72. Yep, less than $100 per week!

  • TheFlintSkinny

    Who the hell is paying $2-$3 for a 20oz of Coke? #16

    • Noxes


      • Matt Mulford

        in upstate ny a 20 oz. coke costs 1.77 @ grocery stores and 2.00 + anywhere else except maybe a vending machine

  • Anonymous

    I need to be in 1962

  • creatorofbs

    #19 my gf will spend about $200-250 on a hair cut. i dont even spend that much in 1 year

  • MaliMike

    National (US) wage in 2009 – $40,711
    Nations (US) wage in 1960 – $5620

  • GernBlansten

    All of this can be directly attributed to the widespread use of credit. In 1962 it was not uncommon for people to pay cash for a house, and nobody in their right mind would borrow to buy a car.

    Now people don't think for a second to borrow money to buy a pair of jeans.

  • Cullinan

    I Lebanon, we pay 25$ for a single gallon of gas. And the average price for an apartment is $300'000.

  • Cavok

    I love how a cheeseburger in the States is 0.99 and in Canada (who’s dollar is still above the American dollar) is 1.29.

    Actually everything on this list is more expensive here.


  • ????

    #18, are you kidding me! i just bought my first house, $61,000, 1600 sq ft origonal hardwood floors throughout, full attic and basement 3 bedroom and a yard.

  • Shack

    Yeah, that inflation's a bitch, ain't it?

  • Smokey

    I got this poster, it says The Who, Jefferson Airplane, BB King tickets for $3.00 in August 1969, couldn't get that nowadays I tell you what.

  • djd3990

    #4…Damn, where do you go to the movies? It's 11.50 where I live.

  • echogeo

    July, 2011: The Chive doesn't have a permanent ad for Facebook on the bottom of the screen.
    August, 2011: After a 2 week vacation I come back and ask what's up with the annoying Facebook ad?

    • Bob

      Click on the X on the far right corner. It should go away

      • echogeo

        It probably has to do with my itsy-bitsy work monitor, but the X cannot be seen. It was the first thing I looked for.

        • its_forge

          I think the bar is optimized for a 17 inch or better monitor; I have to go fullscreen to see the X.

          • echogeo

            I went into settings and adjusted the pixels. That did the trick.

  • Truecajun

    My dad used to tell me stories of dinner and a movie plus some gas for $10.00. Your not gonna go to a movie for less than $ 9.00 down here, and that’s If you go by yourself for some stupid reason. Your looking at atleast 40 for two. Shit, 3d is $14.50 per ticket, sometimes more.

  • That Guy

    we come out cheaper with the barbie, burger, bacon, gum and beer.
    we come out way worst with NYT, tuition, hair cut, chocolate. and the vesper. based on the value of the dollar between 1962 and 2011. movies are kinda high and so are cars but we pay more because they are worth more. great advancements in product makes it worth it.

  • Dutch

    average household income in 1960 was just shy of $5,000 in the US. in 2010 it's just shy of $50,000, so, big freaking whoop. it's called inflation. deal with it.

  • poseidon

    Good one

  • @irlNick

    Why not show the average wage difference as well?

    1962: $4,291.40
    2009: $40,711.61

    The real sad one on this is in 1962 most house holds were single income and today its mostly two incomes. So really the average house hold income is over 80K.

  • bob

    #2 actually seems pretty reasonable

  • Justin D.

    #4 – Where the hell are you that tickets are $7? I wish they cost that much where I am. Try $11, with an added $5 for anything in 3D or IMax.

  • SmokeyMorgan

    #1 OMG giving up my age here. I remember : /

    • That Guy

      not really giving up your age if you started your statement with 'OMG'. average what ever age you are with a 13 year old girl and that's your assumed age.

    • its_forge

      That was the price in my parents' pre-wedding photo from 1960, standing in front of Grampa's gas station, next to Dad's gorgeous pristine '58 Chevy… sigh. We had that car 'til I was like six or seven. What a ride.

  • Oblivious

    #4, That's just for a matinee. Try 13-17 dollars for a night show.

  • its_forge

    Year 1962 $1.00; year 2010 $7.13. Don't complain about what shit costs if you don't adjust for inflation.

  • The Darkness

    #9 the world is falling apart. Bacon should be free to all who want it….

  • Evil Ares

    The price of a stamp right now is 44 cents.

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