How the times have changed (19 Photos)

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  • Someone with taste

    um 7$ for a MATINEE Movie maybe.. Otherwise its 11$.

  • gimletmike

    I was born in 1962. I guess I kinda screwed things up. Sorry about that.

  • Aly

    Minimum wage in 1962 was $1.15 and now it's $7.40. So people are making more money than they did then and the cost of living went up, so it should about even out.


    Your prices on the movie ticket are wrong it went up to 10.00 and 20.oo plus for 3D bs

  • NO.

    Average income in 1961: $5,315

    Just saying.

  • Jimm Pratley

    people also used to earn less. so its basically the same

  • Pani Booyah

    I can stand the price of gas going up, and maybe the house prices but #9 this? this means war!!!

  • Bob

    You haven't adjusted for inflation but its true everytjing seems to cost more now.

  • chong

    #19 i pay less than
    $10 for my haircut

  • Bri

    #17 the barbie price comparison is so off for the year 2011. barbies can be priced anywhere up to $90. I've sold a few…is freaking crazy.

  • TheC2

    Prices in the US are very cheap. If your minimum wage is the same as ours in the UK, then I don't get what all the fuss is about.

  • Its called inflation, you should look at the real cost of those goods, I bet most of them (maybe not fuel and houses) got cheaper


  • jessica

    but we also get paid more these days
    this 2011 stuff is cheaper that in australia 😦

  • 340Swinger

    Some of these seem off. Movie tickets here are $6.50 for a matinee (not much of a difference, given), $3 for a Coke (a 20 oz costs me $1.10 at work) that seems about right at the Downs. $2 for a daily paper? That seems like bullshit to me, here it's 75 cents and a Sunday paper is $1.25.

  • al.

    The Australian dollar is on about parity with the US dollar atm so this is a rough estimate of Aussie prices:
    Gas (Known as Petrol here) = $1.30/litre or $4.90/gallon
    Movie = $15.00/adult ticket
    Car = $45,000average price
    Levis = $100.00(501 or similar)
    Beer = $35.00/24carton3.75mlbottles of Coopers Pale Ale or $50/24carton 3.25ml bottles Corona
    Coffee = $3.50 large takeaway
    House=$500,000-750,000 median price
    Gum = $1.00

  • Munk85

    In Chicago the tribune cost 2.00 if you have it delivered to your house everyday #14. or if you'd like to get it a store it's usually 1.00 or at least 1.75 on sundays. Peace

  • Josh

    $7.00 for a movie ticket? When was that, 2001? it's like $10-13.00

    • DTE

      And they ask torrents still alive

  • DTE

    LOOL! In USA information is more expensive than burger. That's why are you fat and stupid

  • joey mccjoe joe

    you should compare american prices to canadian!! theres no way in hell youre getting a pack of gum for 35 cents here

  • Canada

    Hey. Minimum wage here is 8.80 an hour a movie ticket is only $8 none of this $13 crap. An economy class car is about 15,000-35,000 luxury is 35,000 and up. Candians pay more in taxes on a daily basis and for some reason stuff overseas and south of my border (US) is way more expensive.

  • Anonymous

    love to know where #18 is priced at 250,000 easily 500,000+ plus where i live

  • NicBree

    #4 $12 here in NYC, $16 for 3D.. Where the heck are you paying $7??

  • yolo

    Why is it that all the 2011 prices are 10 to 15 times higher than the 60's prices except for the college one which is approximately. 35 times higher. Why are we making it so hard for our youth to get a good education to better themselves and possibly contributing to solving some of our country's problems..

  • Jared

    #4 needs to be updated again. the movie theatres near me have been 9 or 10 dollars since 2010 at least. havent been 7 since like 05

  • Alan

    Overall things are still better today.

    My parents' house in Pennsylvania was built 100+ years ago. The closets are tiny, just a few hooks on the wall. Mom explained in the old days people didn't have so much doggone STUFF. They had maybe five changes of clothes, and one dressy outfit.

    Fifty years ago people did not go out to eat five – ten times a week, they brown-bagged it. Kids had fewer toys and clothes, but spent more time outside getting (free) exercise. That 1960 Corvair in #5 did not have A/C, GPS, anti-lock brakes, air bags, surround-stereo, pollution controls or even seat belts. College was a lot cheaper because – duh – fewer people went. Home computers, the internet, cell phones, ipads, cable TV, microwave ovens, digital cameras did not exist.

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