It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (36 Photos)

For more, check out the great Very Demotivational.

  • TheRealJoel

    Chive on!

    • honk

      no one appears to know whether to thumbs this up or down

      • TheRealJoel

        Well, the truth of it is. I saw I was first, got all excited, scrolled down completely disregarding the post and frantically thought of something to say. Chive on, although simple and half witted, came obvious. Hope this helps make a decision. Whoever, I feel it is futile at this point, being it is now obvious to everyone that I actually came back to check on the status of my firstness.

    • Robert Plant

      #1 #2 and the chivers continue with their weird-ass twilight and justin bieber obsession. faggots.

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Yet your here on the chive which makes you a chiver… idiots.

        • Robert Plant

          yeah, 'cause you can't go to Best Buy without being a member of the Geek Squad, huh faggot?

          • tralfaz

            No that would make you an employee, not a patron. A patron of the Chive is a chiver, as is you someone who frequents and comments on the chive. You sir, whether you like it or not are a Chiver. You can be our asshole of the group, every group needs one of those.

            You have also used up your quota of faggot rebuttals, any one who says faggot that much is either in the 8th grade or, well, you know, gay.

            • Robert Plant

              that's literally all you have to do to be a chiver? show up? talk about low standards.

            • Robert Plant

              and simply "going into" Best Buy doesn't make you a patron, because you have to actually BUY something. the last thing i am is supportive of these faggots.

            • Robert Plant

              in other words: guy who goes into a store and makes a purchase and contributes = patron

              guy who goes into store, shits in the sink, clogs the toilets with toilet-paper, and leaves, is not.


              • tralfaz

                Someone's in denial. Try this "Hi my name is Robert Plant & I'm a Chiver".
                everyone else together "Hiiiiiiiiiiii Robert"

                • The Chivery

                  No, no, no. That's not the proper Chive mantra! It should be "Hi, my name is Robert Plant and I have a severe case of mental-retardation known as being a Chiver"
                  everyone else together "Hudurrrr Rawburrt doyy!!!"

                  Chive on!

    • TheRealJoel

      how the fuck did me clowning on my own post turn into a bicker war between you two? lol wtf.

  • iloveQuatchi

    #10 Am i gonna have to choke a bitch?!

  • jaynecobb

    it would be nice to have been first

    • Travis

      The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne

      • jaynecobb2

        where is my Gorram gun

    • Da_Boz

      Why??? Why do you honestly give even half a fuck? WTF, I just don't understand the joy in it. Please explain…

    • Kane

      I was gonna get me an ear too.

  • cpt. awesome


    aaaaaaaaaaw man! I was really going to read it!


      But not really… no.

      • THIS IS SPARTA!!!

        why not?

  • toban

    hate crime?

    • GernBlansten

      Cola on cola crime. Why should I care?

      • _bigdeal



      I was thinking bloods vs. crips actually!

      • gumball

        Actually it was the Koke Klux Klan

  • The_Marc

    #2 ….within the first 30 seconds…
    #18 …just FAT
    #27 Never a truer statement said…

    • Kazaam

      #27 – Pedobear made this meme

      • its_forge

        Tired pedobear ref is tired

        • OERIW

          100% agreed.

    • Tom

      I do not want to imagine what'd be floating in that water

      • The_Marc

        *shiver* that thought just made me VIMM a little…

  • USAF

    #36 made me lol! It made me think of Quagmire.

    • ROK247


    • Dutch

      because it's a direct quote?

      • Brandi Froggett Wilson

        Beat me to it Dutch!! LOL good call!!

        • SanDiego

          I thought it was old man Herbert that said that

          • 6655321

            Naw, that was the Little League World Series.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Giggity! Giggity!

  • p1babyarm

    #14 Just took my bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios to a new level of EPIC
    #31 I see what you did there…

  • Dapper_Dave

    #36 Win

  • Rick

    #29 find moar!

    • newms34

      I want to say that this chick was on Laguna Beach…Jessica Smith maybe??

      • Dude

        You are correct. And she is going to have FLBP in a glorious way!

        • its_forge

          It's not the same Jessica Smith; the Jessica Smith who was the baby's face is about 14.

      • Chamezz

        Right you are.

        Found this on IMDB: 🙂

      • Award_Giver

        Found her!! FTW award

    • 340Swinger

      So… if she's really 14, doesn't that make this seem like pedophilia? Just a curious observation.

  • hMMMM

    #14 Ouch….

    • Bud Ugly

      My penis hurts just from looking at #14.

      • peosh

        HaHa your penis is as small as a banana.

  • Travis

    Love Monday Motivation

  • IAmKazaam

    I was going to enjoy watching the last Harry Potter movie until I saw #33. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU

    • GernBlansten

      Maybe read the books first next time…..

      • reme

        Maybe you just figure it out from the other movies…I knew by #3…duh.

        • reme

          hahaha!! # 3 FAIL…LOL

        • no one cares

          i call BS. and nice FAIL BTW!! LOL!

        • _bigdeal

          no you didnt.

      • nate

        i hadn't read the books yet either. spoilers suck and so do self-righteous a-holes who think they're special because they read the books "on time"

        • The Pict

          So do folks that expect the world to shut up until they have deemed it OK to discuss current events.

        • Jery

          Just read the fucking books already then!

    • Never Seen HP

      Maybe this is a sign that you shouldn't watch worthless crap in the first place.

      • the beam

        HAHA Amen!

      • Wong


    • bkfrijoles

      he's still a creepier

  • Your mom

    Wow the same pic in the same posting…… You have gotten really lazy, then again we’ve seen that same pic every week for the past year…..

  • Colin_

    #25 Fuck your shopping carts, I don't need em!

  • ddsadsa

    #36 it's like finding gold.

  • schmoodle

    #29 is The Laguna Beach girl, not from Teletubies.

    • Anthony J. Hernandez

      The girl from Laguna Beach is the Teletubies baby

      • GernBlansten

        Uh, no.

        Jessica Smith was born in 1987, which would have made about 10 when they filmed the first 'tubbies.

  • EDd

    #3 that's mean teabaging

    • CalculatedRisk

      French cars blow.

  • Henrik

    #29 give us the name!

    • guineapig

      that girl is from laguna beach, not teletubbies. i'm pretty sure the baby from teletubbies would only be like 12 now. both girls are named jessica smith though.

      • Seldi84

        Thank you dude. I was just about to rantpost about this. Who ever made that picture is sick in the head.

  • Rose3191

    #33 is such a win. Although (true story) I always hoped he was gonna turn out to be a good guy, he kept letting me down. Did a happy dance when he was revealed to be good in the seventh book.

    • H.Manback

      Alan Rickman always wins…. Even when he falls from the th floor of Nakatomi Plaza….

      Great actor!

      • maggiemay13

        I'm glad someone pointed that out, he is one of the best of the best. If I ever met that man I'd drop to knees and well, yeah.

        • SteelCityGuy

          drop to knees and….?

          Please continue. We are all friends here. No judgement shall be passed. Promise. 🙂

          • GWAR

            go some damn poon. creep.

            • SteelCityGuy

              I'm assuming you meant "go get some damn poon", so I did. Now what do I do? Am I supposed to go listen to a shitty band that puts more money, time and energy into their "theatrics" than the noise they call music? would that NOT make me a "creep"? Or am I supposed to act "holier than thou" when we all, including you, thought the same thing that I said. None of what I ever say is ever meant to "creep" anyone out. My comments are observations, attempts at being witty or playful flirting that expect no response, as I'm married with 2 kids and am in no need of drama. My comments try to create a smile or thought and let the original poster know their comment has been recognized. Nothing more, nothing less. So, until you make a profile and own up to your comments, instead of hiding behind some bullshit anonymous name, go find your man and drop to your knees!

              • maggiemay13

                Damn, this is a bit late when I finally read this but bravo, bravo.

                • SteelCityGuy

                  I guess I'm even later than you then, LOL, but seriously thank you for the reply. I'm happy the original comment was well received. I rarely comment due to the overwhelming amount of trolling douchebags without permenant usernames, but sometimes people just need put in their place. BTW, nice profile pic!

    • _bigdeal

      Hello, you've reached Alan Rickman at 555-0122. Please leave a message at the beep.

      Hello Alan Rickman, it's Alan Rickman.. reminding you to move the pork. chops. from the freezer to the refridgerator so they defrost properly…
      Do not.

  • TheProfessor



    There are none in this hot tub.

  • F. Gump

    #30 Difficult truths are more easily accepted when masked by humor…..unfortunately this is not particularly funny.

    • Michael Ricketts

      super inflation is a bitch

    • AO1JMM

      and absolutely no truth either.

  • MrAliasMan

    #3 I'm pretty sure thats Teabagging, not planking. And lets hope the windows aren't down….

    • HUH?

      i think 1 swipe of the windshield wiper might make that 'phants day.

  • Dan


  • GernBlansten

    #18 No water, but plenty of crease grease…..

    • Name goes here

      I think I just threw up a little…..

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