Shower to Go (7 Photos)

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  • Bill Ivory

    No thanks. I'll just be another man with my friends and smell like one.

  • its_forge

    Much, much easier: Buy a portable pack of baby wipes, carry it in your gym bag, wipe your neck and armpits with it, done.

  • EhFuckitDude

    This is a chick. Look at her hands and arms:p

  • The_Marc

    Great.. not that I'd EVER use this.. too much prep time and would be KINDA creepy staring at my friends as i wipe off all my sweaty bits.. but HILARIOUS none-the-less 🙂

  • tbaker67

    I smell a douchebag

  • TheRealJoel

    im pretty sure any guy that works with us does this and and step 7 revolves a swift kick in the ass.

  • Anonymous

    that…makes sense

  • Huston Smith

    Haters gonna hate.


    But but taking a shower would require EFFORT! Albeit less effort than all of this….

  • KaylaBeth91

    I happen to love this. lol. Perhaps I should start making this to send with the guys when they go play ball!

  • Coldzilla




    If I want people to watch me "shower" Ill set that web cam up in the bathroom again


  • nitrox


  • Maryellen Derrick

    You need to take this off and trademark this asap!!!! It's a great idea, you can freeze it the way they freeze dip n dots ice cream an that way it won't melt..

    • Heyyou

      Dip n dot melts ya dippidy dot

  • NightSky0

    Great idea if your really that desperate

  • Sir

    You're a towel

  • max

    Poof and now your gay

  • mikeraw

    teh ghey

    too metro

    Why not just bask in manly sweaty glory?

  • Logan

    Well true.. But if your going to be at home to get that out of the freezer… Why not take a shower..

    God damn hipsters.

  • TheBigKahuna

    this is actually quite brilliant. thanks!

  • Munk85

    or just buy a smaller tube of shampoo…why waste so much energy doing that? Shit, I'd probably forget it was in the freezer…

  • trooperjoe

    Obviously, never been in the military! Wussy-Man, turn in your man card and cut the umbilical cord!

  • Robert Beto Perez

    yeah, why buy soap?

  • kleenguard


  • PeterJ

    take a shower it's much easier don't be scared of the other guys seeing your wang they will have seen one before haha

  • Rayyaan Fayker

    dude you will get froze bite

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