Yep, you nailed it. (33 photos)

  • bob

    #8 who wears boxes swimming??

  • cmon


    • cmon


      • Award_Giver


    • sarcasm

      Nailed it.

    • Darkside

      Thats how he got in trouble in denver…..stay away from the white women kobe.

  • TheChipification

    I hate when I'm one of the first people to look at a gallerie and can't read any comments :/

    • Award_Giver


    • hMMMM

      I see what you tried to do there…too bad cmon beat you to it.

  • walkingtheriver

    #25 Surprised the chair is one piece still

    • yo yo ma

      I don't think I've ever been THAT drunk.

      • dOOb

        whatever… you'd do it

    • Jeremy D Warren

      this is how you know you might have drank a little too much… or won the Hog Huntin championship. either way, you lose


      It's only a matter of time…

      • Jen

        this pic remains hilarious

    • Hurricane

      He gonna get a piece! Just won't know what piece it is!

      • i map knees

        what piece? that looks like the whole fucking thing to me. doubled.

  • Rahm Emanuel

    #18 thatt Brian Wilson is a funny kid…

    • dub

      V-Neck win.

      • bclark

        douche win

        • Bryce

          Wow calling Wilson a douche, Apparently you've never seen one of his interviews.

        • JRock

          Every ounce of douche Wilson is is by his own design. Gotta love the athlete who keeps his profession in perspective and doesn't take himself seriously. At all. Fear The Beard…although he BLEW IT against Atlanta today 😦

  • weekend warrior

    Seen the girl in front at a couple of clubs this week

    • vhr1904

      Cool story bro!

      • Dutch

        #9 fixed it for you.

    • hMMMM

      which girl? the Angelina Jolie chick?

  • oops


    • Just Sayin'



  • Lowrent75

    #8 That cannot be unseen
    #22 The anti-hoverhand

  • First Time Caller

    #25 wish I was not eating lunch when I saw this

    • phoenixv8

      she looks like she'll be more than happy to eat it for you. Once she's done chowing down on that poor kids face

  • Award_Giver

    Ok I think I speak for all the chivers when I say DUDE WTF enough of #16!!!

    • urinetrouble

      #4 #14 #16 #20 #26 #32

      TheChive nailed it by reposting all these AGAIN. Pretty soon you are going to have to change your name to TheArchives.

      • Spiffy

        thearCHIVEs …nailed it!

    • mackin

      Not only is this a repost of a reposted repost, but I'm reasonably sure that this dude himself appreciated the irony of the picture himself.

    • Cheesy


    • Ryan

      Looks like he is trying… Give him some slack

  • Derbymon

    My first seventh!

  • Auz_E

    #25 More than just faces were palmed that night…

    • Black6dog

      Comment win of the day

  • HillBilly Bone

    And probably still can't hit shit…….#15.

    • HeyJewed

      I know it is overkill, but for some reason I still want this SO BADLY!

    • Hurricane

      Shhh! Wur huntin wabbits!

    • ur-right

      atleast he can see in the dark..

  • t money

    #32 I think i have seen this one before

    • Dan

      I can't wait to see it again.

    • HeyJewed

      I actually think it is hilarious that they keep reposting it. They obviously see people complaining, but i think theChive guys are trolling us with it and it becomes funny to me again.

      • NotPaula

        I knew it was coming too.

  • Just Sayin'

    On the topic of "Nailed it" i REALLY hope #25 didn't.

    • yep

      Some guys love curves…this guy loves numb legs.

      • Jen

        fat chicks love skinny dudes and vice versa.

        • The Pict

          No, as a matter of fact we all do not.

    • Kyle

      Doesn't matter…. had sex.

  • Adam Purcell

    Every time I see something with Nathan Fillion (#33) I hope that he gets tapped for the part in the Uncharted film.

    • Jesus

      Any idea what this is from?

      • fed

        it is from Castle, i can't pinpoint the episode though

        • NathanF

          i'm the shit!

  • gifted_beatnik

    #19 Kobe – happiest man on earth since this photo.

  • Stafferty

    #19 Is it to late to make a Kobe Bryant rape/sodomy joke?

    • Nathan Hart

      Not at all.

      So which one of those girls did he pee on? Or am I thinking of someone else?

      • JDelgado

        The one with the celtic jersey. she is still visibly upset!

      • Ha.Ha.

        yeah, that's another black guy you racist

    • The_Marc

      NEVER too late…

  • OpenID

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa. Ha.


  • Wahoowa

    #9 — I don't get it.

    • Award_Giver

      Cool Starry bra..

      Say it out loud, now what does it sound like? Still nothing…ok try this… cool story bro…now you get it?

      • Wahoowa

        Derp. Thanks, man: I'm an idiot.

        • YoNoComprende

          Don't feel bad, I didn't get it either at first.

          • Math

            That just makes two idiots.

            • John

              I got it… Don't think it's funny. Looked again… Decided 32AA size was funnier.

              • Underhill


  • Jason Johnson

    #8 Find that girl

    • michael scott

      And imprison the moron in green

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Clearly none of you went to a Catholic high school. Didn't even blink twice at that guy.

    • BobSugar

      I don't think it is… but it looks a lot like Kaya Scodelario.

    • maggiemay13

      Yeah when they find that girl she should inform me of who the guy on the very far right in the blue briefs is. The guy in the green almost overshadows his sexy body with his nasty one. Sorry Chivers, I'm a Chivette and while I love me some hot Chivettes, I love me some hot Chivers as well.

      • bill

        its Kaya Scodelario & Elliott tittensor

      • Gevth

        Look, I'm not going to discuss you're taste in men, but him having one pectoral notoriously more developed than the other freaks me out.

      • Jen

        yes i want to unwrap his package. or some shit like that.

    • emilie

      I'm pretty sure that is Kaya Scodelario

    • Russel

      Yup, Kaya Scodelario. And the guy with the abs on the right is her boyfriend, Elliott Tittensor -_-

  • The Bandit

    #3 …Pacman ate them all!

  • jpp407

    #15 Call Of Duty – Rich Ops.

    • undo75

      Warlord extreme pro!

  • Just Sayin'

    #8 LOL the guy on the far right has wonky nipples.

    • theederv

      no homo

  • ghut

    #10 more like fridge raider

    • Doug

      dammit I was gonna say that!

      • Your Father

        Well you didn't Doug. There is no such thing as "i was gonna" in life.

    • Mike Honcho


    • Zebulon Miller

      hehe, that's good stuff 🙂

    • Bill57

      very true Fridge Raider WIN

    • Trent

      Not an original comment

      • Haters

        Gone Hate.

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