A little inspiration goes a long way (31 Photos)

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  • Vanxidar

    this post spell genuine awesomeness, better than the exhibitionism posts.

  • Mr. OB

    I LOVE FLBP, SC, Hump day, but this posts is the winner IMHO.

  • My_Rushmore

    After finding out I'm probably out of a job in 5 weeks some of these were nice to see. Excuse me for being a bit of a soppy bitch.

  • Lyndsey

    Never judge a person by how they treat their friends, but by how they treat strangers.

  • Pants

    #2 Why did you have to leave the party so soon?

  • mskris

    #22 #24
    I needed these, in a LDR and I miss him tremendously

  • durr

    that just made me feel surprisingly good about myself..thanks chive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/WRXRagDoll XTeenie Beanie Gorayeb

    #30 … I stole this and put it on my FB…. story of my life ❤

  • Jon

    #25 is just spectacular.

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Please come back to life Mr. Carlin we miss you.

  • yep

    #10 or maybe I just don't want to hear your shitty music!

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  • Not a liberal pussy.

    No. Without money, we’d be ethiopia! Now get a job hippies.

  • Tony

    As a 3rd shift worker, I agree 100%

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  • https://www.facebook.com/vjhughes Vincent Hughes

    I think these ones should remain on the berry, but the ones that get edited should be a regular on the chive.

  • Dan


    *emo sigh*

  • Ciggy~Num~Num

    #31 Van Wilder?

  • Random_Things

    #6 happens a lot. These are all really good though.

  • p1babyarm

    #2 Stay Hard George
    #3 Unless you get a baby out of it, then it blows

  • Nescobar Aloplop

    This was a Drew Carey quote. Geez.

  • http://twitter.com/panamex512 @panamex512

    great post!

  • Will13

    thumbs up #13 😛

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