A real-life hobbit house in the hills of Montana (8 Photos)

Via Odditycentral

  • Cyy

    excuse me while i dont give a fuck

  • Athena


    • Athena

      Though they should definetely have round doors….

  • http://man-lair.com Stafferty

    When I mow my roof I'm a crazy person with OCD. When they mow their roof….well they are still crazy hobbit people.

  • Puds

    seems legit

  • Bob

    I wish there were more pics, but from what's here, I love this. I just don't understand spending $410,000 to make it, then not live in it. That's like the motor heads who spend years rebuilding a classic car only to store it in the garage. Doesn't make sense to me.

  • guest

    Dumbasses! Hobbit houses have ROUND doors! Jeez – get a life

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      Ironic that you know the little details of the pretend houses that pretend people live in from a book that is over 60 years old, and these guys should get a life…..

  • Bless1

    #8- why would hobbits have 8 foot doors?

  • Oooops

    Why is #1 shopped?? You mean to tell me it could be even more fucking lame??

  • Coldzilla



  • Ktmkraig

    Wow, some people just have toomuch money. I wouldn’t pay 40,000 for it. Ones mans junk is another mans crown huh?

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Why are so many people unable to deal with others being different? People don't have to live the way you want. They don't have to like what you like.

    Live and let live. Be free and let others be free.

  • ahhhhhhh

    #7 I put on my robe and wizard hat…

  • that guy

    I'm from the area and it was in the local paper over the weekend. It will only sell as a cash deal as it is extremely over price and you would not be able to get a conventional mortgage for it let alone insurance.
    Montana is full of weird people, better not come here.

  • Munk85

    sweet home

  • Bustanut

    WTF is that creepy chick-thing opening the door?

    Figures she live in a hole in the ground

  • Steff

    if i could build a hobbit house for $410,000 it would look like one, this doesent even have round doors!!!

  • Shant1k

    I was expecting the owners to be midgets

  • peedlo

    im from the area to and please dont come its to full of Californians and Canadians as its


    Not Circular door? is he an idiot?

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  • Gandalf

    FAKE! No round door…

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