Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

Sorry guys, the picture order got scrambled there for a second. I hate it when my Schartz get twisted!

  • SocialLubricant

    #1 Lucky elephants. I wish I could just stop what I'm doing at work a fuck the girl next to me.

  • mith

    #5 I WANT THAT JOB..!

  • Simo

    #22 Goddamn asians , is there anything they cant do.

  • Jesse

    That is not a fried egg. It's over easy. Description fail.

  • oakles

    girl – "how does gullible sound like oranges??"
    me – FACE PALM



    Felt like an idiot, thanks 😦

  • Billyt2112

    I sympathize with the guy there has been many times when giving a piggyback, i am ready for action

  • Billyt2112


  • Lawndart

    #18 My favorite today : D

  • http://www.thechive.com SmokeyMorgan

    #5 Something about this is hot, but, something also says, "If it's burning that bad, maybe you should see a doctor."

  • Anonymous

    She can kick his ass.

  • Carl

    #5 Ypung skinny Britney S

  • rossy

    good god i would like the face rite off those pants

  • The dude

    #5 “what are you doing!?” “I’m washing the sand out of your vagina…Better now? Now quit being a huge BITCH!”

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