I've nominated Isabel Lucas to explain the unmanned Fire Scout, MQ-8 (33 HQ Photos)

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  • Swarley

    #11 #13 #27 #33

  • JFyn

    Lovin the simplicity of #31. Stunning!

  • Josh

    Does anyone else want to push #30?

  • slowtotheparty

    transformers 2, I didn't get the title until #27

  • john connor

    #2 …and so skynet begins.

    • AO1JMM

      Umanned does no mean AI.

  • spliggs

    #27: “I’d like to return this, I thought it said ‘Introduction to Astrology.’ “

  • LT Rusty, USNR

    Firescout: the answer to a question nobody ever asked.

    Side note: most of those pix were from USS MCINERNEY (FFG 8), my old ship.

    • Anonymous

      LT Rusty, you know so much about it, except it’s actually the MQ-9, not 8. Let me guess, shoe?

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