Let a low down dirty good time ensue (29 Photos)

  • twilight_boy


    • 'Lil Jon


    • Penny

      twilight boy?

      This is double gay

    • Jared

      for the love of all great Chivers STOP THIS!

  • varlotto


    • fil

      still not as gay as twilight

      • OEirr

        still not as gay as you for mentioning twilight again. (i swear, the only time i even hear about twilight on the chive).

        • penguin slayer

          not see it. heard it's gay.;)

    • billy

      I think you meant secunt.

  • HeyJewed

    #14 I could not stop laughing! This is fucking genius!

    • jimbojones

      I think you have pretty low standards for what constitutes genius.

      • HeyJewed

        I have taken your opinion into consideration… I was drunk when i made the post, so i went back to read it again and i laughed just as hard. I stand by my drunken assessment!

        • HeyDude

          Hi Billy, I can't wait for Mrs. Tangles class on Thursday. She is a funny teacher. I like to read your posts. You're funny all the time.

          P.S. I got that new Disney Chanel you told me about, it ROCKS! Call me later.

    • oliverklosov

      I agree, funny as shit!!


      Me too, so brilliant

  • Dan

    #2 Even if it's legit, there's no way I'm putting my card in that ATM.

    • Slappy McGee

      When I was in Gent, Belgium, a lot of the ATM's I found were on trucks or vans like this. They sit them outside the bank and then move them after hours. I had my friend keep watch while I went in to make sure no one bum-rushed me.

      • b-ry

        cool starry bra

        • b-ry

          in other news, i like to take it up the pooper

          • Steve T

            I'm pretty sure this is at Festival Pier in Philadelphia with the Ben Franklin bridge in the background. Can anybody verify? Just wondering.

  • http://www.writesomethingfunny.com trboerger

    #8 Or You could live in your car until groceries run out … ZERO TRIPS

    • The_Dood

      Well played.

    • _bigdeal


  • Dan

    #22 Why would she ruin her body with that shitty tattoo?

    • douchey

      so douches like you can complain and post at the chive!

      • DerJöe

        ps: great boobies

    • CntStpTheCrooks

      her chest piece is amazing, tattoo'd chicks esp this one are dead sexy

    • HeyJewed

      I agree that she is hot, but i would prefer her without the tattoo like Dan.

      • eatit

        I'm sure she doesn't give a fuck what you'd prefer… It's awesome when people talk about someone they don't know like their opinion has any bearing… You would have liked me better before I got it, random stranger, now I regret my decision. Oh wait… no I don't… piss off

        • Evariste

          Oh wait, I'm 60 years old and my tattoo goes to my knees… but the delete function is not activated…

          • Syn

            people who make this argument are IDIOTS. YOUR 80 YEARS OLD WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK!? YOUR WRINKLED AND OLD!

        • Dan

          Girls with small, cool tattoos = cool!

          Girls with huge, sailor tattoos = skanks!

          • OIIes

            actually it's more likely to be the opposite(at least in my personal experience).

            • Jen

              to each his own. shut your faces.

              • Wiley Masterson

                eat a dick, skank.

        • HeyJewed

          Was your post meant to be ironic? Giving your opinion about how other people believe their opinion should have any bearing on some random stranger…. Blow your brains out troll.

        • duffer

          I don't know why you got so many thumbs down for that. That shit is funny. And true.

    • cableguy2011

      I think it hot!

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Yes it's hot, but it essentially ruins anything that she could have been, other than hit it and quit it.

    • wolf

      She has a beautiful face! The tattoo was a mistake! looks the FT's too. Porn star?

    • OGMrWhite

      because she doesnt care at all if you think its shitty. That's the beauty of tattoos man. And thats dead sexy

    • A BiPolar Guy

      that remark is just rude – I generally don't like tattoos myself but it's none of my business what other people do to their skin.

      and besides in her case the "work as a whole" is very, very nice. :p

    • craigarlen

      no matter what you think about her tat, I'll bet 10 internets that she puts out and is a freak in the sack…

      • Crzylizard

        i'll bet you she isn't. most of the chicks i've been with with lots tattoos basically talk a big game but don't deliver according to their own hype(basically style over substance).

    • matt

      STFU and Find her already!!!!

      • adam

        Emma Ink otherwise known as Duke on Suicide Girls

        • HeyJewed

          Yup… does some porn… google her

          • HeyDude

            Hi again Billy, when does your mom let you watch porn? You are the coolest 8th grader EVA!
            I can't wait to tell Jared that you watch porn at your moms house. Also, I like your new huffy. You said your mom is poor, but that looks like an awesome bike.


            • HeyJewed

              Not sure i get this one.

              • troy

                Totallt hot with or without tattoo

        • jacksansjill

          or go to Emma-ink.com to see her twat…

    • http://www.emma-ink.com Emma-Ink

      Oh, how DARE I make myself less sexually attractive to YOU!

      I am soooo disappointed that you will never be attracted to me, WOE AND GNASHING OF TEETH!

      • http://www.emma-ink.com Emma-Ink

        Boobs are all natural.
        I was not Duke on SG.
        You can find me on twitter @ Emma_Ink.

        That is all.

        • winfields

          You Emily – i'm on there too… @winfields
          NVRBlazin 🙂

    • http://www.facebook.com/giovanni.isaza Giovanni Isaza

      who gives a shit about the tattoo. MOAR PICS OF HER!

    • bbqbum

      cuz it fucking hot!

  • MigraineBoy

    #6 Yeah, I hate girls with hairy nipples. Wait, what?

  • Dan

    #25 American History X – it's educational! It gives a nice demonstration of what a curb-stomp is.

    • SomeBody

      This is one of the worst post on the Chive EVER. An your a dumb as if you can't see that this is racist.

      • Rob

        Racist – Yes it is.
        Though this used to happen.
        like mentioned above "it's educational!"

      • http://www.facebook.com/zebulonmiller Zebulon Miller

        I can't say for sure which side of an attempt at a coherent sentence that this comment lands on.

      • Just Sayin'

        I think you meant to say "And You're a dumbass…"

        And also it's not racist. It's a screenshot of a film which is focused on the impacts of racism in suburban life, following the experiences oh a guy who was racist, changed his ways and has to readjust his life accordingly whilst his little brother documents it.

        • Jenius

          It is racist because they are only using a screenshot from said film. Not everybody has seen American History X and will thus only see it for was it portrays: white supremacy

          • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

            … But you clearly understand what it's about, and you know it's not meant to be racist because the previous post informed you if you were ignorant. Now you are just trying to troll even though you lost.

      • Harpo

        " This is one of the worst post on the Chive EVER. An your a dumb as if you can't see that this is racist. "

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. A…hahahahahahahahaha. You silly negro.

        • _bigdeal

          loving the name

  • http://www.facebook.com/St.ChristopherPinto Christopher Pinto


  • http://www.gfys.org/ the chivery

    Any update on LG ? We all miss her. God bless her soul.

    • SGAsre

      fuck that ho bitch.

      • coastguard

        stop insulting my lady lover! oh wait…i'm gay. never mind…carry on

    • GTFO

      email her…twitter her…don't post that BS here.

      • Jen

        she probably got sick of trolls.

      • Jen

        because she couldn't handle them telling the truth.

        • well played


        • EW.,.,.,

          Seriously…..please leave that poor slut alone.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=794290759 Alex Fischels

    Nailed it…

    • Biggus Diccus

      Dont watch the beginning, skip to part where she's getting reamed in the ass.

      • HeyJewed

        Nah, you have to watch the interview where she says she likes "normal guys with a penis that's not too big and not too small" to make you feel like she really wants you before she takes two 12-inchers in her pooper like it's nothing.

        • pat

          or in the chiver's cases, "too small".

          • uachiver

            you're a chiver too, ass

            • pat

              nope. i'm just passing by.

              • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

                Then just pass on by. No need to comment unless you troll the chive…. which makes you a chiver.

      • hMMMM

        I like to watch initial entry myself.

        • http://twitter.com/thecureforhope TheCureForHope

          Awe… such a gentleman.

        • ggf

          agree, i also like the time she takes her bra off and you see her tits for the first time.

  • http://www.gfys.org/ That guy

    Fanboys/WhoreWorshipers – The scum of the Chive.

    • Julu

      it's pretty much all of the chive. sad.

      • Jen

        i used to enjoy reading the comments about a year ago when people werent such dicks. STFU.

      • Jen

        now i LOVE it. because i can't get enough dicks…

      • Jen

        Serious. Anyone have any spare dick just layin around?

      • the REAL Jen

        Guys, seriously….this isn't funny. You guys are being such jerks I love dick(s) why are you being so mean?

    • A BiPolar Guy

      What kind of damn fool of a jackass calls women he doesn't even know whores? what the hell is WRONG with you?

      • Eh?

        Not saying that he is right in calling her a whore……but since when do you have to personally know a whore before you can call her a whore? I don't know Paris Hilton, but I do know she's a whore.

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          But you know who Paris Hilton is, and if you don't you can google her and see what she has done. His point is that all the nameless "Find Her" girls can't be fairly judged, like you could the pornstars and other hoes.

          • hMMMM

            Oh little one…you can always tell a whore by a certain….je ne sais quois??? You'll begin to see it once you start growing some hair on your balls…

      • Sean Connery

        Exzactly(what Eh? shed). For inshtansh, I don't know her, but I know your mothersh a whore.

  • karma

    #29 glad to know i'm not the only one…

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      I think they were being generous with the red……

    • Tom

      why does porn even TRY to have bad acting?
      skip it

      • b-ry

        i agree. the acting is so bad it actually kills my boner.

        • DrROBOTO

          they have to have bad acting and a shitty plot or it'd be considered obscene and you couldnt sell it in a public venue…thus all the bad acting. It was actually a question in my j102 journalism law class.

          • DrGarnicus

            That's awesome!

          • _bigdeal

            is this true? does there have to be some sort of ratio?
            "blah blah blah" says dumb whore into the too close mics causing distortion
            "blah blah blah" says the guy too low off camera so noone can hear what he said

            then 15-20 mins of p in va-g?

    • HUH?

      3???? what are you? superman? i mean, only 3 huh? loser.

  • http://thechive.com Mr_Zambu

    #10 lolz! so true

    • ABO

      What are you? 12?

      • The Chivery

        No, he's just got a sense of humor like one 'cause he's a Chiver.

        Chive on!

        • Piesmagicos

          if thats a dude….he's got some nice boobs………i.e….pretty sure thats a chick

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.c.rice Richard Rice


    totally think like that

    • Tom

      Go grocery shopping with 3 roommates.
      fll-up truck with necessities
      carry 8 plastic bags hanging on your arms and hold onto a 12 pack
      all 4 of us hesitate at the door cause SOMEONE's gotta get the key

      • _bigdeal

        you have to designate a door opener and then scream at them to hurry the fuck up while they fumble around and your fingers are being cut off at the first joint.

  • CntStpTheCrooks

    #22 find this chick so I can ask her to marry me.

    • Korp

      Emma Ink

      • Travis

        A bit NSFW…. woops

        • Alister

          a BIT?! hahaha

      • adam

        otherwise known as Duke on Suicide Girls

        • http://www.emma-ink.com Emma-Ink


    • Biggus Diccus

      Normally tattoos on the chest are not my thing, but with this one I'd definitely make the exception to the rule.


      I'd say find her so I can tap it until she realizes i don't want her for anything more than that because she ruined what quality she had as a person with that disaster on her chest no matter how awesome or sweet she is.

      • http://www.emma-ink.com Emma-Ink

        Yeah I'm a horrible person because of my tattoo. Thanks for making me aware. I never would have figured it out without you.

        • LuvH8fulChix

          This is interesting to me. Which scenario would be more sad?

          1) Actual porn star quibbles with chivers, angrily defending herself
          2) Troll assumes identiy of pornstar; quibbles with chivers for entertainment.

          Either sort of hurts my faith in humanity.

  • n_kb

    #1 how greasy is she??

    • Flargen

      Glad I'm not the only one who thought that. That's one greasy ass.

      • Mister H.

        maybe she had some tanning lotion or oil….who knows.

    • hMMMM

      I don't think that's an assprint given the handprints next to it.

      • DrROBOTO

        cant tell if trolling or just a virgin

        • hMMMM

          just a virgin. saving myself.

          • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

            "saving myself." Right….. Keep that ego intact, champ.

            • _bigdeal


    • http://www.facebook.com/Draconavich Daniel Birns

      if thats a farrari then she shoulda been dripping bitch wasnt even wet!

      • anal car guy

        that's not a Ferrari emblem, it's a Porsche.

  • http://www.thechive.com Penrath

    #3 hmmm this will probably go with the fuzzy handcuffs, strawberry flavored lube and edible underwear?

    • AHX

      I thought someone was in the middle of making a noose…..hang a brother with flavor



  • Mito

    I'm never going to look at #7 the same again.

    • Harpo

      Maybe you should stop being part of that childish sewing circle called facebook….sad.

      • Ha.Ha.

        ….says the 56 year-old man, a closet facebook stalker, so ashamed….

  • http://www.gfys.org/ HHNF

    #1 She must be a Chivette. The skanks can get it on anywhere.

    • Juam Bam


      • IOEie

        also agree

    • Kyle

      Doesn't matter… had sex

      • ...

        doesn't matter…got herpes.

        • Kyle

          Still had sex….

    • Beau

      Have your baby yet?

  • mipo2010

    Damn autocorrect…get your shit together #14

    • DeeMar

      What rubbish must they have typed in originally to get "goldfish" when they meant "dog"???

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1148164122 Jimm Pratley

    #29. Such slow internet/short attention span

    • guest

      I believe it's the beginning/bj, the switch to doggystyle, the popshot. Or at least that's how I do it anyways.

      • mojo789

        This guy gets it.

  • DanielB

    #15 Oh come on people get your mind out of the gutter, its just hair *wink*wink*;)

    • Tom

      strange hair fetish is born

  • The_Marc

    #22 LOVE the Tat.. of course the canvas is pretty nice to start with 🙂

    • HeyJewed


    • Bluto

      Before the tattoos, she was not a canvas, but was already a beautiful work of art. The tattoos are the equivalent of letting Banksy into the Sistene Chapel to throw some graffiti up on that beautiful ceiling by Michelangelo.

  • The_Marc

    #10 OH…There's a reason alright…

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