That’s one big, wild kitty you got there (11 Photos)

Cross-bred between a serval, an African wild cat, and a domesticated cat, this is the Savannah cat. They can weigh as much as 14 pounds. The personality of the Savannah cat differs from a hours can in that they are very loyal like dogs and can be walked on a leash.
The kitty isn't cheap though. A Savannah cat will set you back around $20,000.

  • DanDaMan

    Actually you can buy a first generation savanah from a breeder in Canada for 6,000$.

    The actual wildcat (a serval) is sold for 12,000$. You can estimate a vet bill of about 4,000$ per year. They have a high upkeep.

    Not sure where you got your information but it's not accurate. I know this since I have made some research and plan to buy a savannah soon.

    • downfall616

      i thumbed this up but seriously, rub peoples noses in it much?

  • 2beer

    Animal Control just had to capture a serval that got loose here in Michigan only a few miles from my house – it's a pretty animal but crazy to think a wild African cat was roaming around

  • Steve

    These cats can weight around 30 pounds actually. Regular cats usually weigh 9-14 pounds.

    I have a main coon at home (name of the breed) and he weighs 25 pounds due to his massive bone structure. He still seems smaller than those savannahs.

  • derka

    hours can?

  • Jon

    Moral of the story: don’t get your animal facts from chive.

  • somebloke

    They are sooooo beautiful! But humans shouldn't be breeding more cats – there are already more cats than there are homes – don't buy from breeders, rescue from shelters! (Then photograph them being awesome and post them on Caturday!)

    • Cyy

      totally agree with your rescue statement! these cats look cool and all, but a shelter cat will only cost $100 and still be pretty awesome.

  • Bifford

    stupid lookin cat, I hate cats, man up and get a dog

  • Coldzilla

    20 Grand?

    Last dog I got was free from the pound, was loyal as hell and didnt look like a cat riding on 20 inch rims

  • beccajordan13

    My boyfriend has two of the F3 Savannah's, the ones pictured here at the F1's. They are the most adorible, and loving cats ever. The male cat sleeps with the dog every night, and won't leave his side ever, even when they are going for a walk, Simba loooooves going for walks, he also runs through the sprinklers with is doggie brother Taz. The female cat is kind of bitchy, typical cat, but shes lovable at times lol.

  • Lokobo

    I would rather get a car.

  • Richard Hardie

    Cool cat I have a Bengal named Marvin and he is a cross breed of a Asian Leopard and a Tabby. He is awesome and not quite as expensive, 1500.00 as opposed to 20K he also isn't as wild but I think better looking than this cat above… Check him out!!!

  • OwnerOfYou

    Spell/grammar check much?!

  • Dave

    They do not cost 20k more around 7k for the F1's , the price lowers as you get less Serval in them

  • mith

    All nice and qute till they eat your face off one night….

  • Nate

    The personality of the Savannah cat differs from a hours can?

  • Munk85

    I'd like one.

  • TxPyro

    Chive really come on yahoo posted about the hipoalerginic cat thing like a week ago. ASHERA GD CAT Google that.

  • Rusty Nail

    And banned in Australia. At least we can still get the Bengal Cat, at the moment.

  • @vorpalette

    That's a pretty awesome cat, although $20k? No thanks. And both of my normal cats weight more than 14lbs.

  • Bryan

    The most expensive Savannah cats are anywhere from 4k- 10k… 20k is a little exaggerated.

  • 6KJR

    I think the head is to small for the body. Maybe after a few more cross breeds..

  • Pablo

    growing up i had a maine coon, a big and loyal loving cat. very smart as well, grew up to be 28 pounds and he wasnt fat, just a big gentle giant. people always that he was some type of wild cat due to his size. i miss my cat.

  • downfall616

    i have two "pixie bobs" (bobcat / domestic mix). the two males weigh 13 and 14 lbs. only cats i've ever seen that play fetch. heard of savannah cats and want one even more now. now if someone would breed a bull mastiff with a clydesdale!

  • Perdurabo0

    Has to be more than 14 pounds. One of our toms (rescued domestic) weighs 21 pounds, and one of our mollys (look it up!) weighs 15.

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