The only way to beat me at Beer Pong (32 Photos)

  • Kevin

    #5 is so fine.

    • bobby

      FIND HER !

      • robert

        GO GET LAID!

        • Steveystevesteve

          Robby you seem cranky. Maybe you should take your own advice?

        • Steveystevesteve

          Now please get over here and fuck my face xD

  • Dan

    #5 is easily the best looking girl in this post. Damn!

    • Indian Oven

      Is that Next Door Nikki?

      • HeyJewed

        It looks a lot like her, but i think this chick is hotter… That would make 3 pornstars just this morning from theChive though.

    • lolol

      #5 and add the two in #16 and you've got yourself a party!!

  • Richard Rice


    faye reagan maybe

    • Alex P.

      to much porn on the chive

      • Sal

        I thought she looked familiar

    • Andrew O'Neill

      Yeah…take a look at the dude with the ball…if you have ever seen her in a clip there is only ever one guys she shags…it is him…how do you Americans say..Douche?

      • Chiveroni

        actually emo, which is the same thing, only more suicidal.

        • OIEe

          *PRETENDING to be more suicidal*

      • Simon Phoenix

        Not true .. thy broke up about a year ago. Goto and type in Faye Reagan OR Faye Valentine (her old company made her change her name after she left them and broke up with her BF) She's also done some Interracial Blowbang stuff with Mr. Marcus.

    • Brian

      porn ftw!

  • HeyJewed

    #32 Bitches Blow! (it's a rule people)

    • pablo_v

      fingering and blowing is for the bedroom

  • yuck

    Whore Overload !!

    • Dan

      Many of these girls really don't live up to the general standards of the Chive. Most look like sorority hoes.

      • Red

        how does that not live up to the general standards of the Chive?

        • Oeieee

          because they're not nearly as skanky as the chivettes.

  • hmmmm

    How many of these Skanks are Chivettes ?

  • obvious truth

    TheChive – Whoring up the internet one post at a time.

    • ...

      obvious troll – Staying virgin one day at the time

    • ...

      You should fuck men, like me.

  • mick

    hmmmm … sluts …

    • jaynecobb2

      that should be mmmmmmmmmmmmm sluts

    • ...

      mmm virgin

  • Ryan Hiroshi Uchida

    When chicks do this it makes me want to make it even more haha

    • Richard Rice

      yeah but do you

    • BoCO_Kid

      You're doing it wrong. When they do this you miss thus they do it more often.

      • Graham

        False… When you make it they think, "crap, I must not being showing enough." Thus they remove more clothes.

    • snocone90

      it's proper motivation when playing strip beer pong

      • junior

        here's a better idea: how about everyone stop being a bunch of ass-wipes, and just drink the damn alcohol.

  • guest

    it's beirut or you have to use paddles.

    • guest

      then again tits are tits, so i'll shut up now.

    • SeaBassEX

      We called it beirut too.

  • LouiedaLova

    this post is the number one reason not to send your daughter to college… straight to an all girl's cooking school

    • Bitchessuckmytits

      Making her a lesbian….DOODE!

  • Penrath

    This is the reason that I salute the creator of Beer Pong. Lets bring alcohol and hot chicks together into one activity….. and find a use for that old frigging ping pong table!

    • b-ry

      #31 is doing it very wrong.

  • mipo2010

    I gave that bitch beer pong, bitches love beer pong…. #7

  • The Chive

    These chics got nothing on the Chivettes ,our whores are freaky !

  • Andrew

    #20 Faye Reagan??

    • MrRushing

      yep… it's a porno

  • cableguy2011

    #5 Find her for the love of God!

  • Anonymous

    I think the horrible duck face in 28 might be more distracting

  • The_Marc

    Two of my favorite things in this universe… Beer a Hot girls 🙂

  • The_Marc

    #4 She got the "Winner" stare…

    • Falco09

      Went to undergrad with these two, my buddy used to date the one on the right.

  • mama

    not a looker among 'em

    • Ha.Ha.


      #10 – nice duckface and gut combo, not the worst looking girl on the post but I was most repulsed by her for some reason

  • Kodos

    that's about 45 yrs worth of underage molestation charges right there…

    • MrRushing

      That picture screams statutory rape like a railroad crossing warning you of a coming freight train.

    • Xsoldier2000

      worth it tho.

    • Xsoldier2000

      'cause then i can get years of hot prison sex :p

    • OwnerOfYou

      Isn't that Amanda Wenk? Classic…

  • MrRushing

    #25 Beer pong? Whats a beer pong?

  • Logan

    you depress me chive, you can't even do a simple Beer Pong post without stuffing a pornstar in #20

    • dOOb

      did I miss something… whats wrong with Porn/Pornstars?????

      • First Time Caller

        you honestly can't answer that yourself?

    • Fasteddy14

      It isn't like she is shooting ping pong balls out of her snatch! What…porn stars can't have fun too?

    • Coldzilla

      Well if thats all it takes to depress you then you must feel like slittin yur throat every time you access the 'net 😉

    • Logan

      absolutely nothing is wrong with pornstars, i just Chive to see normal chicks, there are THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of websites i can go check out pornstars on. if you Chive to see pornstars you aren't a real Chiver!

    • jim

      I should be so lucky as to have Faye at my party playing beer pong…

  • Bud Ugly

    Why don't my college parties ever look like this? #5 is really beautiful… as in #15.

    • truth

      because you're English?

      • Graham

        'Merica…. Fuck yea!

  • Zoey

    I've got some bad news for the guy on the left in #20

    • TRON

      he's not looking to catch genital warts?

    • Bogus

      Know how I know he's gay…

    • Bogus

      Because he didn't stop me from slobbing on his knob :p

    • The Troller

      I got news for you Zoey, BURN YOUR FUCKEN BRA

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