• vindi

    Why do all the ads have to load before the fucking video, takes like 10min!

  • Steve Mergaman

    Its from 2009

  • spike

    and not a single fuck was givin that day after that shot

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    've seen it in real 😀

  • Oooops

    here's another angle of the video. I now see the other balls I commented on earlier.

  • dexxon

    This was from about 4 years ago

  • guy

    beast mode

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  • deebo
  • GuyIncognitus

    A little late Chive, this happened over 2 years ago.

  • Logan

    I know why it wasn't on ESPN…CAUSE THIS WAS BACK IN 2009!!!!!

  • andy

    jesus drive, calling it

  • Vijay Singh

    totally nailed that on accident

  • Rob

    #16 Redbud, same hole Tiger made his famous chip on in 2005. What a great green.

  • Cary Woods

    Was about to say… This was done awhile back…

    • Carol

      Midori0Akagawa on May 10, 2009 I love this song and Avenue Q and Ib4d love to see this live! But Ib4m from Germany and I think it will take many years, till I can get to one of their shows T-T Thank you for taking it here x3

  • japowlo

    You know you're a boss at golf, when you make the game loud.

  • Bill Nye

    This is fucking insane. Considering the number of variables that get involved when the ball skips across the water, the probability of this happening has to be approaching zilch.

  • poyraz


  • bramer

    actually, during research in ww2 it turned out the shape of a golfball is the best bouncing object on water. they tried this to make dam boms, watch the documentary " dambusters" of discovery and you"ll see

  • Camila

    astrangeone on January 13, 2011 Lol. I always laugh at the Japanese ccraahter whacking her fiancee. Oi domestic abuse is never funny, expect in this instance!

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