Animals that don’t suck and an amazing dog named Murray (42 Photos)


    #19 not a single Fuck was given that Day

    • NAACP

      not a single original comment was given by you

  • Mr. Eff

    First off: "?!?!" isn't appropriate. With exclamation points the rule is "one or none." The next sentence, calling someone you don't know "stupid" when your post is littered with grammar and punctuation errors is self-defeating. "And dog is fucking ugly" makes no sense. Also, never begin a sentence with the word "and." "Yeah" has an H. "Dog's" is two words shortened into what is called a "contraction," in this case "dog" and "is." Lastly "they should of" is also incorrect. "They should have" is proper. Amazingly, your last two sentences were coherent, if not mean-spirited, but I'd wager by then your brain had finally managed to thaw some of the frost hanging from your thick cave man brow. The story was good, the dog seems like it's leading a good life, and bravo to the owner for taking the chance of providing that life. Also, fuck you, Logan.

    • Neil Hatt

      Mr. Eff… Well done sir, well done.

      I shall add my thumbs up immediately; I would also like to add a heartfelt, 'fuck you Logan' as well 🙂

    • FeedTheTrolls

      I can only hope that the idiot troll understands how effectively you put him down. Something tells me he lacks the mental capacity. Alas. Also, fuck you, Logan

      • The_Dood

        Reminds me of one of my favorites. "You sir, are literally too stupid to insult."

    • urinetrouble

      Hey now, let's cut Logan some slack, he probably, no wait……FUCK YOU LOGAN.

    • DaddyD

      Okay to begin a sentence with "and." Sometimes you want the reader to come to a full stop before giving them the next part.

      • TitoRigatoni

        Yep. Read the first page of the bible, half the sentences begin with "And."
        Not sayin' the bible is pure truth, but it is grammatically correct. Mostly.

        • That Guy

          the Bible is a translation from Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. the 'first page' of the Bible was originally written in Hebrew. trying to tie the direct translation and being grammatically accurate means some exceptions have to be made. so no the Bible is not the best place to learn about grammar because the meaning trumps the rules of grammar. but if you had to use the Bible as a grammatical tool then King James is the best one. also it's the one they used back in the 1800-1900's.

      • Homerchrist

        now that shits funny. Yeah fuck you logan, total doucher!

    • Mister H.

      Damn, Eff, you grabbed him by the balls with that one, and yeah, FUCK YOU "LOW-gan"

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #12: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!"

  • King Wenceslaus

    Chive on, Murray!

  • Guntars Cīze


    ''Where the hell is my Jet? I`m missing a helluva dogfight!''

    • kim

      cuter than you'll ever be

      • kim

        oops, that was meant for the comment below

  • Hans


    • TheC

      That's what people say about your mother.

  • chivealive


    Should have been in the green eye post yesterday (very cute). Kudos to you for rescueing Murray.
    I like dogs more than I do people.

    • junior

      also the down shirt/blouse post from a few days ago….me too on the dog people thing

  • The_Marc

    #2 Awesome Duck… Walks on Water

  • The_Marc

    #13 Upon opening the mailbox, the mailman promptly soiled himself…

  • The_Marc

    #4 Tactical Crayfish Strike Force

  • its_forge

    Sorry about your penis.


      now there you go bringing up a man's genitals. creepy old fuck.

      • its_forge

        Naw it's just that anybody trolling at that kind of level on a good-natured forum like the ones on TheCHIVE must have a really miniscule penis and be compensating for something. Not unlike you perhaps?

        • POIUYTR

          sorry, i'm not interested in sending you a picture of my package. creppy old bastard.

          • its_forge

            LOL you moron. "Creepy." If you're going to be a stankass ineffectual troll wannabe, at least spell "creepy" correctly. Or you could y'know, give up this bullshit because it's certainly not having any effect other than making me laugh at you.

            • That Guy

              you are awfully obsessed with that person's penis.

  • Larry Molano

    "i'm just an every day, regular, normal mothaf*cka" Murray the dog. hell yeah

  • Jay P

    Cool story cool dog hot owner thanks for the downshirt pic as well!!! Chive on!

  • Smitty

    Not a big fan of dogs, but you kick ass Murry!

    Hey, do you think we might get to see more of the owner too? #36 is the owner, right?

    • Gabriel

      She looks like a hotter version of Fairuza Balk (sp) of Waterboy Fame.

  • death

    #42 put a bullet in that poor muts head

    • Lynne McNaught Sandilands

      You are an ass.

  • shon

    #34 I love Murray

  • John Daniel

    #36 Hey Mag, How about a couple more down the blouse photos for us. OR something even more revealing!!!!

  • silkystealthsurgeon

    yeah…i think other than looks murray is the same as most dogs- mine is always eating random stuff like sticks and grass and always hitting its head when its under the table…its just what dogs do. they also always eat so quickly they have barely any time to eat the crap theyre eating. sorry to hear about the dog but i'm sure its fine…

  • Murray Wilson

    I have a name like Murray… it's Murray

  • Rollingdeathstar



  • GreatCowGod

    #36 Awesome dog (and Mag is pretty smokin' too)!

    • gmoney

      i agree.. not only is she hot…she has a huge heart..

  • Kristi Farley-Cota

    #24 & #28 … the cutest things ever
    But I think that #42 tops them both 🙂

  • matthias806

    ill kiss ya for a banana #22

  • orly

    #42 poor ugly/beautiful murray! 4lyfe!

  • Kronik

    Witch one of these is not like the other??

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