Animals that don’t suck and an amazing dog named Murray (42 Photos)

  • FUZZ

    keep being awesome murray

  • bigmikeskinsfan

    Murray is a survivor but really? Are we supposed to be impressed that he survived an attack? What about the dog that pulled another dog to safety thru freeway traffic?


  • Phoenix

    #2 Sup, Baby Jesus?

  • rsemrau

    Let's get some more Pitbull pictures people!!

  • somebloke

    "it was apparent that the people who had brought him in were not coming back to get him"
    Some people are scum…

    "So my family and I invited him into our lives"
    … and some people are awesome!

  • wztarheel

    #42 Very Chiveworthy dog!

  • Erik

    This story makes me think of the animal commercial with sarah mclachlan singing. While I usually turn the channel when that heartbreaking commercial comes on, I am happy I didn't close this page. Mag and Murry are way cool!!!

  • Mister H.

    Hip Hip, MURRAY! HIp Hip, MURRAY!

  • mith

    #42, He's a goof, but i bet the coolest dog ever. Oh and thanks #36

  • ROb

    #18 I said aww couldn't even help it

  • Smitty

    He's doing it RIGHT!

  • TheBoris

    #21 Loud laughter

  • Kris

    No such thing as an ugly dog.

  • maggiemay13

    Thank you to everyone who posted on here supporting Murray, he's loving the attention. He has brought a lot of laughs to me and my family and will bring many more. Chive on!

  • Lori

    #42 I would totally love Murray. Thanks for not giving up on him!

  • Laurie

    #42 God bless Murray AND Mag!!! It's nice that Murray has such a nice "pack", both human and canine!

  • Kimmy

    Mag, you are an amazing person!! And Murray is an amazing dog!! It's people like you that give me hope that not all people are complete asshats =)

  • Piaras

    I de small dog in #18 doesnt come to de same faith as Dog fuckin Murray

  • Chris

    #29 Oh yeah? euthanasia ftw

  • katerichok

    #17 Is from Bulgaria, I recognized the green umbrelleas with “Kamenitza” written on it,(Only men know why) the best beer in the world!Чайв он!

  • Renee

    Murray, you a so sweet! So glad you found a happy home. You may break a recored for Facebook friends from all the Chivers.

  • Ailes56

    #13 GREMLIN!!!!!

  • Josh

    #13 = Best prank EVER!

  • cute animals

    The dog with glasses is totally the coolest. Thats an awesome picture!

  • shrimp

    Murray… present.

    he seems like a totally awesome dog!

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