Animals that don’t suck and an amazing dog named Murray (42 Photos)

  • dona

    Murray now seems to be an awesome dog and to have an awesome life 🙂

    #20 is not funny! 😦 Same thing happened to my dog once and it annoyed her (maybe hurt her) a lot …

  • OhSomeEvil

    #42 Cheers for Murray, a great story with happy ending.
    Your are the ChiveDog!

  • chrsgntl

    Much love to that boy Murray.

  • wxs123

    Of wonders

  • Chubat

    I'd like to think I speak for all Chivers when I saw that Murray is awesome and so are you Mag. Doesn't hurt that I was listening to Second Chance by Shinedown when I was reading yours and Murrays story! Chive on M & M!

  • Laura Delp

    You rock Mags….working at a vet myself, I have inherited many animals. It is a thankless job and from one nurse to another you are awesome!!!…rock on!!! L

  • WillowPine

    Murray is the shizzzz.

  • rick

    murray is of course rocking huge. Thanks for the photos

  • relpmeraggy

    Dear murray,
    stay calm & chive on!!!

  • Danny

    Good thread with all the pics; Murry the rescue dog is pretty damn awesome too!

  • Joanne

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  • Anonymous

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