Ice hotels around the world. Are they worth the trip?? (40 Photos)

  • jim

    I like the one that had snow in it …

    • jdb

      Not me, the one with the ice was better.

  • Pun intended.

    They are pretty 'cool'

    • Kidn

      i see what you did there

      • Lolmagnet

        Ice e what you did there tooo lololololol

  • Anonymous

    Looks a bit cold

  • James

    might be a fun night, but worth it? i doubt it!

  • sarcasm

    ice beds may cause shrinkage.

  • Guest


    • Nick C Bell

      That's what I was thinking it reminded me of when I saw it lmao XD!

      • Broseph Stalin

        Hey! Hey Nick! Dude I think you dropped this! *points to Nick C Bell's ass*

    • Charles Pandorf

      Prepair to enter the frigid grid.

  • Dan

    If I want to freeze my ass off, I just have to wait for winter and not turn the heat on. I sure as hell ain't going to pay for it.

    • Wantomas

      I hear ya man. Out here in Cali, it gets down to like the 50's at night during the winter. Makes me shiver just thinkin about it.

      • _bigdeal

        i hate you.

  • Trololol


  • bubblerider86

    pretty….but i don't enjoy being cold.

  • Henrik

    I was at an ice bar in Sweden once, but I bet thats nothing like sleeping in a bed made out of ice.

  • BYBT

    #26 Awesome!

    we need to combine these hotels with BYBT

  • KaylaBeth91

    I'd go. I think it would be a pretty amazing experience. Albeit cold. lol

  • HolePwner

    Screw that… give me a beach

  • GernBlansten

    What? Not one single picture of a smokin' Nordic honey in a fur bikini doing shots out of an ice luge?

    Chive, wherefore art thou standards?

    • tjc

      wherefore means "why" – not "where".j

      • GernBlansten

        So "Why are you Romeo"??

        Somethin' new everyday……

      • Mr. X

        (nelson's voice) haha!! wants to get smart, has no idea wtf they are talking about

        • _bigdeal

          gern is right .. wtf does "why are you romeo?" mean?? i dont know shit about shakespeare, just going on context clues admittedly but still.

          • not a dumas

            It means, "Why are you Romeo(a member of the family my family hates)?"

            Juliet is lamenting the fact that the boy she loves is a member of the only family that is off limits to her. Why are you Romeo Montague? Why can't you be Romeo Anything Else?

  • NebraskaGuy

    … it's Wednesday and not a single hump in this post … fargen ice holes!

  • davey

    They are not worth it.

    You stick to the toilet seats and shit takes a long time to freeze, so you stink up the place.

  • @erinwillett

    I'll stay at one when hell freezes over

  • dOOb

    Pay good money to freeze my nuts off??? I think I'll pass…

  • The Chird

    For some reason I see myself liking this place.

  • Chuck Taylor

    I'd love to hit the bars, check out the rooms and amazing artistry, But my ass sleeps in warm rooms and beds when it's cold. Cool rooms and warm beds in summer.

  • dom

    Alot of these pics are from Quebec City's Ice hotel. Very cool place.

    • Olivier

      Yes, really nice place! I live in Quebec

  • EinhornIsFinkle

    #38 Watching Ice Age….I see what you did there.

  • Cheryl

    Nuce pics but captions or at least locations would've been nice. How is a person supposed to know where these hotels are if they want to see one up close? I see someone id'd one place as being in Quebec City – helpful, but it's still a guessing game. I know there are some Scandanavian hotels, and there is one every year in Chena Hot Springs AK – are any of these pics from those places? Guess we'll never know.

    • Olivier

      I didn't go at ice hotel every year but I know that there is one ice hotels in Quebec

  • bambam

    Hotel rooms? I don't see any hotel rooms, all i see are the showers

  • Jake

    #39 's light source is comet elenin and planet X

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