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  • Indeed

    What's the point of the beds? The cold will seep through anything and even if you could get warm you'd just end up wet from melted ice. Fucking stupid.

  • Charlie

    #23 #27 I'd definitely put some cold, hard cash to stay in these places.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you stay in an overpriced igloo?

  • Tomas

    #19 "Love is in the ant" ??? o.0

  • tony

    Am i the only one that's afraid it will collapse?

  • Nihilus_13

    #27, #28 – I'm thinking more Halo than Tron. Either way it's awesome!😀

  • Mecool ustink

    Been to the ice hotel in Sweden. It was the shit. The ice doesn’t melt either tard

  • seannyfleming


    Y U NOT IN HQ??

  • my name is B

    on my to do list

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