New photos of Russia's T-50 and my attempt at a little fun (13 Photos)

  • AO1JMM


  • Todd

    #6 I want one "Being John Malkovich" day in the head of a Chive employee

  • Vlad

    In Soviet Russia….our planes are awesome…..

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Yeah, because you keep getting hold of our blueprints and manufacturing processes. You also have scary-good reverse-engineering skills. OTOH, we utilized your initial research into reducing RCS signatures to make the initial breakthroughs into stealth technology, so I'd be inclined to call it a wash.

  • Grower not show'er

    That's a bad ass plan but won't be "stealth" with the engines being exposed the way they are on bottom. Radar magnet

    • Vegeta

      they compensate by using 3D thrust vectoring, giving it superb maneuverability and the ability to make a F-22 shit its pants

      • fuzzybeard2016

        The F-22 already has this capability; try again. B)

    • Prpledrinkjones

      Did you not notice that the F-22 has it's engines on the bottom as well? It's about the angle of design and material used. Reflect radar away from it's sourch to present the smallest possible image back.

  • poyraz


  • Chakamonkeyboy

    Northrop called, they want their YF-23 back.


    Dem damn Ruskis sure can make a sexy aircraft!

  • ryan

    russia will do as they always do. they copy the american jets of awesomeness and hollow it out until they are cheap, but effective, peices of plastic. in the end tho, the better (aka american) jet wins. too bad the raptor got scrapped because the F-35 wouldnt stand a chance in a dogfight against the T-50 despite its stealth. F-15 would hold up fine if they are maintained well but its not stealthy at all. what we need to do is make a cheap air-superiority fighter to supplement an order of 300 F-22's instead of 186(?). solution: new planes that are basicaly F-15's except modified to be at least as stealthy as the F-35.

    • Vegeta

      really, what is there out there(besides this thing, because, frankly, we aren't ever going the be fighting russia anywhere in the near future) that 186 F-22's can't handle?

      • Ryan

        Very true. I'm speaking hypotheticaly of course and dont expect a war with russia any time soon. But because another country could produce so many fighters of lesser quality, they could greatly out-number our raptors. And even if not a single raptor was shot down by the lesser fighters (which I think is very likely that none of them will) we couldn't spread them all out enough to cover all the war zones we might need to cover while still shooting down enough of the other planes. That's why we have the F-35, but it's turn radius is only half of the F-22's, and is also much less stealthy than the F-22.

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Isn't the F-15 in current production?


    #13 is an F-22…from Alaska, probably stationed at Elmendorf AFB

    • Ryan

      We know. It's basicaly a final picture saying we're still the best here in 'Merica.

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