• Justin D.

    Some dogs will befriend anything lol…that was adorable.

  • chrisgilbo

    and 2 seconds later… the dog kills the otter.

  • Ben Melville

    First I was like oh no poor dog, and then I was like daaaaaaawh

  • nelson

    wow, this is awesome, that even animals fro different walks of life can get along. Humans must learn form these types of animal.

  • therenegaderacer

    Get a good writer, and you'll have a hit show on Cartoon Network!

  • poyraz


  • Colten

    If there is any way you could turn these awesome videos into a compatible format with iPhone thechive would, at that point, become unstoppable.

    • Anonymous

      I’m watching this on my iPhone right now so I don’t see what you want..

  • Anonymous

    It’s like Pope John Paul II said: “man, otters are total assholes!”

  • oranglewat

    Their love will never be 😦

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