These people exist (29 photos)

  • Nicole

    I’m pretty sure that the woman in 19 is being sarcastic.

    • rocker

      FINALLY someone gets it.

  • Brewdy

    #20 Hey, he smokes Dunhill cigs…good taste!

    • jasgat

      Well played… lol

  • steve

    And you will die trying scumbag

  • AJ Rantz

    #23… loose the Fu Manchu, and I would probably still hit that

  • Maytrix

    #12 Nothing wrong with this!

  • grog


    who the fuck keeps letting snookie out of her cage?

  • Dick_Hammer

    Well…thats about 2 min of my life I can never get back. We're fucked!

  • DaddyD


  • RobBroad4th

    #25 is from Chris Lilley's show "We Can Be Heroes."

  • Cali 916

    we need more of #12 in the world!

  • Steve Harnden

    #17 Max Payne!

  • Charles Pandorf

    God I wish the guy in the poster would pull the trigger.

  • Sick


  • bet

    #17 the guy on the wall has the right idea

  • Opie

    #19 I think a lot of you missed the point. She is a gay marriage supporter, notice the rainbow flag and "I agree with the SJC" stickers. The sign is supposed to be ironic.

  • yodaddy

    I see this all the time(#8). And I always say WTF, a just assume it is a hoarding thing

  • Travis

    Nothing wrong with #14

    • STI


  • YEM


    Please pull the trigger. please.

  • Jimi D.

    Beyond creepy, but DAMN…. Very freakin` funny !!! LOL !!!
    Stay thirsty my friends….

  • GernBlansten

    #25 only gets worse when you realize there is a pile of clothes on the floor…..

  • opticxero

    Wish that the poster behind the guy in #17 really could pull the trigger

  • Joey Jo-Jo Junior

    #7 I'm afraid he just blue himself.

  • Fasteddy14

    Nothing wrong with #12…



  • Rick

    #16 MOAR!!!! I want to see more bambam bigelow!!!

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