These people exist (29 photos)

  • STI

    #1 Find the one on the right she needs to be on a Burn Your Bra Tuesday or a Hump Day gallery. HOT!

  • @nootron

    #19 is satirical. Lets have a new post called "these chive editors exist" 😛

  • the_junglist

    #17 too bad that gun's not real.

  • BadHillbili

    #1 Laugh it up if you want to city-folk but when the grid goes down you will be our bitches. Better to learn to squeal like a pig.

  • MrAliasMan

    #16 Too bad the picture didn't show the stomach area, You would of seen Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Rick

    #12 FIND HER!

  • lilix

    #16 ever seen 300?
    lobster claw in real life is gandalfs boyfriend

  • lilix

    #5 sooo uh yeah i like your uh …..
    please dude why do u do this????

  • johkur

    #17 To the guy in the poster: DO IT! DO IT NOW!

  • BloodScrubber

    #27 New movie coming out…Tarzan and his WhistlePig.

  • SportPlease

    #25 Doesn’t exist. This is a character from Angry Boys. Check it out!

  • Nanook

    Go ahead and re-post #17 next time photo bombs are done.

  • Neville Bartos


    Thats "Nathan" from a Show in Aus by Chris Lilley called Angry Boys, funniest show by the man Chris Lilley. Naths partially deaf and speech impaired and his twin brother daniel finds him in the bean bag.

    "Nathan what the fuck, your such a tool"
    …"i bet you naked in there too you sicko"


  • Gibbo

    #25 is an Australian tv show

  • Kayla Smith

    #17, I have that same outfit….

  • Piesmagicos

    Ya…that kid in #13 needs detox or a doctor. That isnt healthy.


    #17 The poster in the back has got the right idea… haha.

  • Johnny Bloom

    #25 Chris Liley. Aussie comedian. Funny as f&^k

  • faemike55

    Where is Darwin when you need hiim?
    ps Need two gallons of eye-bleach stat for #17

  • copperbum

    #25 is an Australian tv series..
    It's called Angry Boys, and it is hilarious.

  • Jason


    That's the same thing that happens with you give head to a Smurf! haha

  • unknown

    #10 got to move some how

  • Christopher McGowan

    #11 Boo Radley?

  • jez


  • AO1JMM


    Thats bad?

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