These people exist (29 photos)

  • Scott Ledger

    #25 Is Chris Lilley from the Australian show Angry Boys. He regularly dresses up in drag or as school kids to try to be funny.

  • Mike

    TORONTO #4!!

  • Tar Tarleton

    #14, Soda Popinksi, before the baldings?

  • Moses i

    #17 I'm with Max Paine on that one

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #11, deliverence kid all grown up

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #1 Ma & Pa Kettle have an orgy

  • Alfieeeee

    Don’t think I’ve ever said so many “what the fecks” in a short period of time before. 😀

  • tv_paul

    #17 – Give me all you're cash or Bunny gets it!

  • tv_paul

    #27 new the fall on the WB – cirque du soleil: the early years.

  • Anonymous

    Max! Just pull the trigger!

  • Terrenc

    #17 has the perfect photo bomb.

  • rabidbannanas

    This entire post is summed up by this…


  • ash

    # 25 Is from an australian show called "Angry Boys".

  • Steve

    The problem with irony and sarcasm is that a lot of people (entire nations in some cases) don't get them. The woman in #19 is clearly pro-gay. The rainbow flag and the "I agree with the SJP" sticker are a clear giveaway. She should be in the "People whose signs don't make sense out of context" photostream and not this one.

  • ben

    sfosparky said 4 years ago on reddi about pic #19:

    There's always a danger in trying to be ironic in politics or submitting that irony without preparatory explanation to Reddit: The woman is actually protesting for gay rights, and probably more specifically for gay marriage.

    First, notice that she's holding a rainbow flag. Second, notice the stickers and pins that say "I agree with the SJC", the SJC being the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts which found in favor of gay marriage.

    So, the comment about Alan Turing is intended to be ironic in the sense that Turing made enormous contributions to fighting Nazism and by extension computing. Most certainly over the heads of most members of the Religious Wrong and apparently over the heads of some Redditers, too…

    Obviously this holds still true on Chive – besides this tells us a story about how The Chive digs up antique photos puts them in the wrong context and the crowd eats it up like a warm steamy pile o' …

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  • Josh Haberle

    num 25 is off angry boyz

  • Short Bus All Stars

    ok 1) #19 is obviously a satirical poster … notice the rainbow flag in her hand…. 2) There is absolutely nothing wrong with #12 ….and 3) #7 is obviously a fake …look at the spray stream…. 4) come on people

  • BillyBob

    #9 and #11 Should get together and reproduce

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  • Zoltan

    #12 That car is a Bentley. Quite frankly, if I could afford a Bentley, I'd buy my own gas station and all of the employees would be bikini-clad hot chicks. What? Don't judge, Hooters and Twin Peaks can do it. I'll serve beer too. I mean, what self respecting Chiver wouldn't serve beer?

  • Valle

    Those beautiful and sexy ladies should not cut or donate their wonderful hair. Hair should remain on the head only! The comments here all full of dirty thinkings, bad taste and envy! Fuck all of you bastards. You might be bald, ugly, whatever and cannot support seeing so many wonderful ladies with very beautiful hair!

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