With hair that long I think men have to question your sanity (30 Photos)

  • http://www.jerseysfox.com wxs123

    i like it !

  • http://www.facebook.com/vicorhan Vicente Cortina Hanun

    They should give some of it the children with cancer……………… That long is disgusting

  • http://topmygear.tumblr.com jerald

    fyi these girls are single and [probably] will never be married so this is not very attractive
    can you imagine what their armpits look like

  • marluxia

    You guys are pigs, who cares what they're doing with their hair? It's not like it's ever going to be a personal problem for you, after all.

  • Lolita

    #25 is a man
    #29 ….DAYUUUM.

  • Tom

    Yeah that is some nasty SHI*! Once it goes past your ass you look like a "FREAKSHOW"!

  • bill

    wow # 12 smokin hotttt

  • Stickman

    I love the looks of all that hair.. Okay, some of the girls are ugly, but others are incredibly beautiful, too. I can understand, however, that not all men think and feel the way I do.

    But do the long-haired ladies hurt anyone by wearing their hair that long? I don´t thnik so.

    And as for you commenters, here who want to make these "selfish" women donate their hair to Locks of Love, you should probably think about all the ways in which you are wasting energy and raw materials and how you are meddling with other people´s health – and think about stopping that if you are so unselfish.

  • suckAbagOfDicks

    Anyone stupid enough to say these women are selfish for growing their hair and to donate to locks of love should start to realize , hair grows off their own hair as well….so why are you so selfish to not grow your own hair long and donate it ? I personally would rather not donate to a company where only 15 percent of their donators hair actually goes to a wig , the rest goes to some strangers weave that is too lazy to take care of their real hair …COOL STORY BRO

    • Danika

      Agree, those who are calling them selfish are being stupid and idiotic. Some of them have not donated or they have and seem to have this holir-than-thou attidtude just because they gave their hair away. Chairty is an optional and personal choice. Leave people alone. Or better yet go do your charity work insted of bashing those who don't do it. You all seem to have free time since you are here on the internet it seems.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.honeycutt.5 Ryan Honeycutt

    this is grossss

  • Bella

    I would just love to have hair that long!!! I think their hair is just gorgeous! Besides just because the pics show it hanging down doesn't mean that they don't ever wear it up. Why all the negativity? If you don't like – don't look! It's their hair and it's their choice. To each his own.

  • Terry

    Are you kidding me? Look at the girls in numbers 5,7,8,11,12 & 18. They are all very beautiful women. If you think that they are gross, then mabey YOU are insane.

  • Dnsns

    I would like to have hair past my waist a few years ago I had looooooooog hair but chopped it off for locks of love but I'd love to have long hair… Just not that long. Lol

  • Thisisdumb

    I want my long hair I like 5's hair, but I chopped my hair off for locks of love. It was for a good cause so I don't regret too much. But still and if ur hair is touching the fricken ground then why not give it too a cancer patent? (Well I doubt they'd want that if it wa dragging around behind u all the time) but youd save lots on shampoo and conditioner!!!!

  • farrah

    All the women in these pictures long hair because they love. In the bible women are not aloud to cut or trim your hair. It your glory that god gave us women only. I have very long hair and no one in this world can not tell me to cut it. I just tell them if you dont like it look some wear else. If you have bad things to say keep your mouth shut.

  • dan86

    all these comments about "gross and nasty", wtf people? many of them are actually really beautiful, especially 5, 11, 12 and 18! really long hair is different and unique, much better than the millions of woman who all have the same boring shoulder length cuts, or worse the very short cuts. i don't understand girls who cut their hair shorter than a guy's, i would never date a girl who purposfully looks like she plays on the football team

    • Terry

      I totally agree with you.

  • bob

    all i can say is buzzcut. no more tangles

  • Leah bowser

    Only reason I would ever do this is to cut it to make wigs.. Thats all then back to butt length

  • Valle

    Simply beautiful! Many of the comments here show how envy people get whenever they see such wonderful and beautiful ladies sporting real heavenly hair! Besides, many men do suit to that length of hair. Keep it long girls! You are sexy enough!

  • Char

    These ladies are blessed with beautiful long, flowing hair. I wish that I had it. It's not our place to tell them what to do with their hair – they grew it now it's up to them to take care of it. I understand that there are patients who need hair and I really do feel for them. However, it's not someone else's responsibility to give up what they have been blessed with. If they should decide to, that would be beautiful. But if they choose not to, that is their freedom of choice. I would not let my hair touch the ground if it was that long. I would wear it nicely braided or something. Anyway, I commend these ladies. I just wish I knew their long lost secrets to growing those locks! I wish them all the best!

  • Dan

    I think they are all very beautiful

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