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This capybara lives in Texas with Melanie Typaldos. His name is Caplin Rous (ROUS stands for Rodent of Unusual Size and is pronounced like “rose”). The semi-aquatic pet was named after the character of the movie “The Princess Bride”. Caplin Rous can do some tricks and walk on a leash.

  • AssClown

    #12 Paula's vagina

    • NebraskaGuy

      Yuck, and we all hoped we'd NEVER see it!

      • AssClown

        Touché. And #10 is probably the kind of thing that she will give birth to…

  • Dennis

    should not be a pet. undomesticated animal… that will also immediately fight to the death if it happens to encounter another cappibera.

  • @irlNick

    Is it just me or does have a smug look on its face?

  • powernegro

    el chiguire! the rigth place of this animal its Venezuela, in the "llanos". why this animal is in the united states like a pet? ha! hu! wtf?

  • Bless1


  • MacMan

    Who looks more like a rodent, the squirell mixed with a pit bull, or the chick walking it in photo 3?

  • TheHermit

    Because there are sooo many capybaras in Texas…

  • Brother Maynard

    Snake food.

  • llano2

    I've seen them in the wild in the Concho River in Texas. They are not scary.

  • jjj

    needs an anaconda to play with

  • tommy2X4

    Bet he would chuck a lotta wood.

  • Stupid_Donkey
  • DasMikey

    This pet died last year. Caplin Rous 2007/07/10 – 2011/01/04

  • Brad

    I have eaten the meat of one of these in Brazil. Like gamey pork.

    • JL13

      Did you spit or swallow?

  • ant

    Is that Sarah Jessica Parker??

  • Ozzie

    Very cool

  • thedude

    Skeptical pet is skeptical

  • Name

    Just don't get it wet or feed it after midnight

  • jakr

    I’ve seen captain rous in front of a petsmart in south austin. Owners were asking for 5 dollars to have a picture taken with him. Not kool

  • KenT

    I'd love to have one as a pet some day. They make some really neat sounds too.

  • Jördan Rucks


  • snotrocket51

    #10 he tried to hang himself

  • stoneybalogna

    y boyfriend is dispreased to find out im getting one

  • joedub

    i had a hampster just like that!

  • tim

    damn nature, you scary!

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