A Georgia Peach: Meet Scarlett

A lot of Chivers have emailed me demanding moar of the stunning blonde who closed out the DAR last Friday, last count was well over 1,000 emails in fact. Her name is Scarlett. She submitted to theCHIVE after her friends, also loyal Chivettes, had a bet to see who could get a photo posted on theCHIVE first. Scarlett won. If you ever meet her, say hello, you'll rarely catch Scarlett without a smile on her face.

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  • Billy Blunts

    she is good looking but there has been alot of penisis inside of her you can tell she looks some what good but she is not sure of her self so she has given her vagina out to alot of people.. just dont marry her

  • fudmunkii

    yeah, like, she clearly is in need of some attention. *yawn*

  • Muss


  • poople dinosawr

    I bet she's seen more cock than a cock doc

  • Greg

    Really you douche bags. I’m surprised you put down your dungeons and dragons game just to bash her.

  • cmo

    Get this chick a friggin sandwich quick….

  • Respect

    All the people hating on this woman need to calm down, she is amazingly beautiful and you'd be lucky to have someone like her!

  • nicholasamgibas


  • jason0u

    This chick is a dime a dozen blonde you can find one in any tanning salon or on the treadmill at any local gym. Oh, and apparently not even who the submitter says she is. Who knows. One thing is for sure, this chick in no way meets the criteria to be a chivette. Do you guys even have criteria for a chivette cuz it used to seem so.

    One word…genioplasty

  • JAM

    yea… id let her poop on my chest

  • Brendan

    I said Marry me after the DAR post… Now I am saying, Marry me, Divorce me and Marry me again!

  • adrian76ol

    These are some really nice pics – htp://www.uk-gritting.com

  • what

    Her name is Elaine Alden not Scarlett

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    yep she's hot!

  • trevor

    10..10…mother fucking 10!!!!!!

  • Jeremiah

    How do you even find girls like this?

  • Paul

    Holy crap. Muff said.

  • FSU Nole

    Okay this is awesome. Not only was I friends with the other 2 girls in pic #16 at FSU, but in pic # 11, she's definitely working out at the gym in my apartment complex. She's not a Georgia Peach, she lives in Fort Lauderdale.

  • sagacious

    i luv does damsel

  • A dude

    Seriously how can you hate? She is beautiful who cares what you think about how many have been in her? She’s got the balls for you to judge her just think what she’d say if she saw you? People who hate, your pathetic get off your moms couch and so something with your life rather than knock on someone who clearly has more guts than you hiding behind some name you made up!

  • Anonymous

    Damn you need to eat a cheese burger

  • Anonymous

    so flyyyyyyyyy

  • Anonymous

    So many hates . Ok, baby if you don’t have boy friend come to California . I will take you. Your beautiful . I’m sure we can make it work and if it don’t then I will put it in you but and you can move back home. No hard feelings. 🙂

  • datshowido

    Damn she’s a dime. But for haters she a SUPER MODEL. look up her real name n you will see. Unless you live in playboy mansion you don’t find women like that anywhere. Oh who cares if she MIGHT have lots of dicks in her. Listening to you haters sounds like you had to many cocks!

  • Anonymous

    I love the extreme skanky/bitchy look. This girls appearance is as fake as her orgasms.

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