• Auz_E

    He learnt that from me.

  • Ozi

    YES SIR!

    Dubstep’s the music of the new Generation

    Dear old grandparents!

  • poyraz


  • kaotik

    The music is a compilation of various artists, not all of them are dub step artists. At 1:49 the music transitions to dub step. In the beginning it started off as rap, then went into the glitch mob which is another genre called glitch hop.

  • Escelante

    Wow, what an amazing new dance craze! Oh, wait, it's just poppin' n' lockin' and break dancing (minus the cool stuff). Neat….

  • JasonN

    This is popping and locking and krumping…just because you throw dub-step over the top of it doesn't mean that's what the dancing is called!

  • Da Sandman


  • Marky

    First minute and a half is nowhere close dubstep…. but the dance is pretty cool.

  • Ball

    Everyday im shufflin…

  • HJRO99

    I work at a recruitment firm, and I actually had someone put on their resume that they are skilled at body popping and dubstep dancing. After watching this, yes it can be kinda cool….but no it won’t get you that job you’re applying for.

    Then again you probably won’t get that job you’re applying for because I’m busy on the chive.

  • Doonby

    I have seen this on Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo . Nothing original here.

  • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

    Its awesome …. but you should go out more often

  • Matt

    Great poppin' and lockin'. Shitty music. If that's what dubstep is, dupstep is ass.

  • Johnny

    purty good for a white dude

  • BounceAround

    Ahhh, what are these songs? I know the following which have been named. The rest are clueless.

    00.00- Swing by Savage
    00.21- ???
    00.50- ???
    01.31- Eastern Jam by Chase & Status
    01.49- Where's My Money At (Caspa Remix) by TC

    From here onwards, I don't know a thing. Would love to know, thanks. xx

  • Meh

    The music was terrible, the dance however not ..

  • claysilva

    anyone know what the last song is?

    • yaboughtit

      i would also like to know what the last song is!

  • M.O.T.

    I felt like Stan in the recent South Park episode then, it's all just noise. Until Chase and Status and Rusko kicked in, that's dubstep.

  • willis

    Calling him out…. I need more proof!

  • g;lijads;

    What is this remix called? youtube link anybody?

  • CaptainStag

    Well, whatever that's meant to be he's quite good at it. Music's absolute wank though…

  • Gary Baldur Anderson

    dude, it's called skanking

  • therealguy

    Friends don't let friends listen to dumbstep. Dumbstep is the sound of robots crying.

  • Unimpressed

    You look retarded…wtf, this isn't dancing. You're having a damn seizure like "jerking" and all those other stupid ass "dancing". Lame.

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