Maybe you should try Helvetica (14 Photos)


  • Victor Abreu Andrade

    It had to be in Brazil…kkkkkk

  • Anon

    Fucking Brazilians

  • Shant1k

    Helvetica makes the world a better place. Deal with it. Great post.

    /end sarcasm

  • TBM


  • wxs123

    Of wonders

  • Teeph

    Hmmm. Weird. I’ve never before felt the desire to dedicate my life to eradicating a font before. Thanks?

  • MonkeyMadness

    Well that was completely pointless.
    Hoping to start a new fad? Don't hold your breath.

  • Sham Pillay

    Why? Hoekom?

  • Da Sandman

    i think i missed the funny part…? anyone..?

  • fasterthanu

    No hablo espanol hahaha

  • fasterthanu

    I would rather try English.

  • Vitor

    Meh, some of them actually looked better before using Helvetica.

  • Ailes56

    Why I keep looking? Time I will never get back. Fail.

  • andy


  • mememememememe

    There are other typefaces out there, feel free to try them out.

  • MacDaddious


  • A BiPolar Guy

    Font Nazi's – Why don't they all stay in the bunker and shoot themselves like Hitler did?

    Many, maybe most of these, were worsened or at best not improved but the switch. IN those that were Improved it had more to do with a bit of cleanup and readability issues in the original than font choice

  • Jorge Hurtado

    You know I don't speak spanish!!!……

  • elstevo

    designers appreciate this… I wouldn't say all designers do… just the good ones. helvetica has been uses on everything for 54 years and still looks modern.

  • CaptainStag

    Sorry Chive, you lose awesomepoints for posting this. Don't worry, you've still got loads spare, just bear it in mind next time you get the urge to post something crap…

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