One day I will be abducted be gorgeous redheads. It will be awesome. (39 Photos)

  • joe

    Number 9 all the way I would have her moaning at the top of her lungs.

  • jerald

    pic #9 please for the love of dar find her@!

  • remix_

    #22 well hello there lovely

  • kenman

    #10, you’ve got me… now use me, please

  • darshett

    So many faked red head….so many jealous girls

  • duffman0313

    We Need a Specialty Post….. Hot Redhead Russian Brides in the middle of nowhere with FLBP and on a Hump DAR!!! Just a Thought

  • corwyn11

    Calm down there killa, #16 is actually 16……

  • Johnny B.

    #31 is Hattie Watson. She needs to be a chivette.

  • Jon

    #2 is the love of my life

  • 'berto

    Oh, god–PLEASE identify #15! Not that this one pic isn’t enough for me to break my wrist over…

  • FlexF

    If Chive creates an entire post full of girls like #5 and #11, one's heart might just skip so many beats that it gives itself a stroke.

  • JRod_141

    please please PLEASE find 31!

  • bill

    omg wow.I love hotttt yummy,yummy,lick

  • oranglewat

    Man. What's with red heads with porcelain skin and otherworldly eye colors, ya?

  • Brendan

    #9 #34 #36 #39 MOAR PLEASE!!!

  • notthatredhead

    #9 I don't mean to be a dick or nothin, but, ew.

  • lajee

    i think i died and went to a fiery redheaded heaven

  • torainca

    #10 Who doesn't love a Ginger

  • August

    Love the redheads! These ladies are beautiful!!

  • beeneverywhere

    That rarest of treasures … #32 is a Celtic princess with tinges of Viking raider, all resplendent in a field of shamerocks. It makes my heart leap for joy.

  • Always Last


  • jruss

    #5 rape me

  • Bdaddy

    Number 5 and 10 if you read this get at me

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