Now that’s how you take some wedding photos (12 Photos)



    That is one of the greatest things I have ever seen on here

  • Allen

    Pic 10 : upskirt view by zombie ftw !

  • toobigithurts

    They are Korean. Park and Lee are the three most common family names in Korea. The first being Kim.
    So we can say silly Koreans.

  • gizmo77819

    Haha amazing. Will be able to look back on a great time. Good story to tell the grandkids how you had to fight off zombies

  • Da Sandman

    get help… seriously…

  • Cathryn

    hahahah, brilliant! good luck to both of you

  • Teeph

    These are cool and all, but I’m really tired of zombies.

  • dakine808

    Nice….pretty sick wed pics

  • PTgoBoom!

    Oh, I love this!

  • Do Charity

    Heartless stupid people – maybe they should go up to North Korea and see what a million people who have no food and are starving and suffering look like – and get some real experience in the world instead of being so damned shallow and selfish. Do some charity … and donate some food to North Korea. Selfish jerks.

    • YOU do charity

      It's just wedding photos. It's not a crime. they are just having fun . Why do you have to comment like that? Are you saying that South Koreans are not allowed to have some good time?
      Let me ask you, have YOU ever donated money to North Korea?
      what an idiot

    • Yourgay

      You socialy awkward fuck

  • Anonymous

    Gosh dang it!! F’n awesome!!

  • sunshine

    Oh wow that was great!! Brilliant idea, kinda jelous I didn’t think of it 😉

  • nacirema

    how are these wedding photos?

  • Danny Hockley

    haha nice.

  • bill

    she is kinda cute.would throw her a hump.

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  • reuben

    This awesome couple inspired us to do a photoshoot and a zombie wedding video

  • Stop being racist

    They're Korean, arseholes. This is a spectacular idea–I love it.

  • Smitty


    (WTF? I'm not using auto correct or anything…)

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