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Old computer parts: Let nothing go to waste (30 Photos)

  • Gooberman

    #27 #24 #16 #9

    apparently old computer parts make cool notebooks

  • Chazz_B

    #13 #14 what does that have to do with computers?

  • Fasteddy14

    #2 So cool, I want it!!!

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  • Emma Oliver

    #2 DO WANT.

  • Simon

    #5 #6 I approve

  • jaynecobb2

    now if you could you hook the hard drives up to work in #15

  • highfive

    any thoughts on #10 ? i dunno what i'm looking at.

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  • Da Sandman

    some pretty cool stuff

  • @peewee1002

    Been wanting to build a macaquarium for some while now. Just need to buy an old iMac.

  • Nuk3d

    Some of those would actually be kinda neat to have

  • acoustrix

    #6 Want.

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